Katherine Loves BOLD Too!

We received another sweet note from a student!thanks too
We know that the reason my son arrived so happy and healthy and smoothly was thanks to you and Charlotte. You helped me discover how I was already designed for such a beautiful process and how I could really train to have the focus and stamina for a natural birth. We tried to keep an open mind but as I had struggled with fibromyalgia tendencies I really wanted to avoid any interventions if possible. In addition to the physical worries I wanted to overcome I suffered from PTSD after a series of unfortunate events during my early 20’s. Rather than turn away from all my worst fears, listening to yours and Charlotte’s words and opening up my mind to embrace all that I was holding within enabled me to overcome it when I was in labor. Because I had taken the time to talk all of this through with my husband and doula, there were no surprises. What you shared through the couple’s classes enabled my husband to really step in and be a part of bringing his son into this world as well. He told everyone that he thought it was the coolest thing he had ever done! This from someone who was not going to be in the delivery room …You taught us how to laugh and talk to each other and depend on each other, again!
Thank you for everything as we have had an incredible year! I continue to recommend A Labor of Love as I have had many friends and colleagues begin their families in the last few months.