“Are You Just the Boss, or Do You Take Clients Too?”

Recently at a Meet and Mingle I had a pregnant woman ask me this question, “Are you just the boss, or do you take clients too?” At the Mingle I run the event as the owner of the company. It puts me in a “mover and shaker” type role.  So yes I guess she can consider me “the boss.”  And  at the same time, I have been a doula for more than two decades. Over that time I have doula’d for almost 600 couples for the births of their babies. At one time I was taking three clients a month every month for around 36-40 births a year.  In the future I will only be taking two births a month or about 25 births a year. You may think that means I am slowing down. Well, nope! I have chosen to move in a little bit of a different direction. Here are a couple of reasons.


The first is my family. My grandkids live only 50 minutes away but I do not see them as often as I would love to. They are getting involved in music and sports and I want to go to those concerts and events. I want to have them over to spend the night and know I will be there in the morning to fix them breakfast and enjoy the time with them. My son and his wife live in San Francisco. We recently vacationed there and it made me realize going to see him needs to be something I do more often!

The second is my BOLD direction. Charlotte Scott and I will be heading to NYC in October 2014 to train with Karen Brody to become trainers of the BOLD Method for Birth. This will entail some traveling to other states to conduct trainings.  We also hope to do some short weekend trips to neighboring areas. Initially we only see us going on four or five trainings a year. We are both excited about the new opportunity to infuse the BOLD Method in others and thus change birth preparation worldwide.

What does this mean? It means if you want me to be your doula, you need to contact me early on! And it means I will continue to teach the classes and workshops I currently teach. And if you are a birth professional that wants to be infused with some new ideas to pass on, give us a call, Charlotte and I will be ready come 2015!

So as you guessed, I turned to that mom to be and said, why yes I do take clients and I also run the company! And I also have a plethora of wonderful doulas who are also taking clients each month if I am not available!