Julia Shares About Renee

Dear Labor of Love,

I would like to write a short letter to express my gratitude to your practice and especially to my doula, Renee Wymer.   I had never heard of a doula’s prior to a friend’s suggestion when I said that I desired a natural birth, but I am very thankful that she made the suggestion.  From the moment I first called Renee, to the group meeting, to the classes, my husband and I felt welcome and that all my fears, joys, and emotions were justified and valid.  As many of you may know, when you are expecting, I craved a non judgmental person to tell me that I was normal as well as a person that I trusted to tell me if something was wrong.  In addition, my husband was included in all aspects and treated as a valued and necessary entity, which was more important than words can express.  The classes were comfortable and informative, and prepared me and my husband well for delivery.


Now, I should address Renee.  To begin, my pregnancy story was not the typical.  Instead of date nights and vacations to get pregnant, mine involved IVF injections, many ultrasounds, egg counts, disappointment, and fear.  Needless to say, I had a lot of fear and stress when getting pregnant, which to my dismay, did not totally dissipate once pregnant.  I had so many questions, but felt awkward calling the doctor’s office, and while my husband tried to help, he did not have answers to my fears.  Enter Renee.  From the first phone call to the last push during delivery; she was warm, well spoken, understanding, and able to give the answers that I needed.  She took every text, phone call, and email and responded in a straight forward way to keep me as level headed as possible.

On the day of my delivery, nothing happened the way we expected.  My labor was very short and the contractions were difficult to time.  Renee was with us from the first inkling that something was happening to the minute she told us that we had to get to the hospital quickly.  I remember bits and pieces of the rush of the delivery, but one moment sticks out clearly.  We arrived just in time and there was a lot happening to set up the triage.  I had just begun pushing and was relying on the doctors to tell me when because I could not tell when the contractions were happening. Thus as you can imagine, things were crazy and I felt like I was getting lost in the mess.  Renee ran in, and immediately leaned in close to me and told me to focus and that I knew my body best.  Immediately I felt more calm and in charge.  Three pushes later, my son was born. 

After delivery, she was an advocate to get things started in the right direction.  As soon as possible, my son was on my chest and latched on.  I truly believe that this immediate introduction to breast feeding taught him a proper latch, which has helped me to have pain free and enjoyable nursing.  Something few of my friends has experienced without a lot of work.  Renee was also available after we were home for questions and to help us adjust through the initial days.  She truly is a gentle soul, who has a gift in reading personalities, working with them, and finding a good solution.

In short, through the services of Labor of Love and Renee, I was able to have a good and totally natural birthing experience.  I am truly grateful for everything that you have provided and suggest your services to everyone that I know who is pregnant for doula services or classes.  Your company helped us to feel empowered and fully educated during this process so that we were able to bring our son in to our world with confidence and based on decisions that we were able to have made and debated prior to delivery.

Julia Boyd