Jessica Shares Her Birth

One of our previous doulas moved away toward the end of her pregnancy and gave birth soon after. She shares her fabulous story with us.

jessica with little blue

We had just moved to Costa Rica. Everything still wasn’t settled in our home yet. I was originally given a due date of October 12, 2014. Three weeks after our move on a Monday, I began feeling random leaks of fluid throughout the day. I had no idea what this even was, so I just dismissed it. Toward the end of the day, we decided to call our midwife, Meka, whom we planned on flying from the states to our home to deliver the baby. She highly recommended that we find a local doctor and have him verify if that indeed was my water that had broken. I couldn’t even believe we were having the “breaking of waters” conversation so early. After all, I wasn’t due for another couple of weeks! In my mind, we weren’t ready to have our baby this soon.

We heeded Meka’s instructions and on Tuesday, we found Dr. Freddy Perez who conducted an exam with a specimen, and indeed concluded that my water broke. He said it was a high leak, and I could continue to wait until labor initiated on its own as long as I drank a ton of water. We had to make sure the baby had enough fluid surrounding him at all times.  That evening, we stayed in a hotel near Dr. Perez’s office just in case labor was to pick up at powerful speed. We knew we wouldn’t have a care provider that could make it to our home due to the intense roads leading up to it, so we wanted to be close by. During this time, Blue began to make all the plans to fly our midwife out to us the following day. He even went to our home to pack a bag of several things we thought we might need in case I went into labor and had the baby. We wanted to be somewhat prepared.

My mind and body kept telling me that I wasn’t ready to have my baby just yet. I continued to envision giving birth with my husband and my midwife by my side in the comfort of our home. There was absolutely no activity that night. We slept it off and went home Wednesday morning. We went about our day as normal as we patiently waited for our midwife to arrive at our home. Our landlord’s daughter was so gracious to pick her up from the airport and bring her to us. As soon as she made it in, we immediately began a couple of natural induction methods to see if we could get things going. I took a couple drops of blue/black cohosh, a natural herb that helps initiate labor. I also sat and did a few exercises on my birth ball and did some inversions on the couch. I only had a few sporadic contractions that evening, and then it all ceased. In addition to trying to get some contractions going, we wanted to encourage the baby to be in an optimal position for birth.

Thursday came and there was still no activity. We kept track of my water intake, blood pressure, temperature, listened to the baby on the Doppler, and continued the same activities from the day before. I also did a prenatal cardio video that I was consistent with during my pregnancy. I would again have very irregular contractions; nothing we could even take note of, really. Early Friday morning, Meka and I walked a little over a mile on our very rocky pathway to the main road and back. We had to stop a few times because it seemed that I was having more contractions! It was a good sign. We all then got ready to go into the city to have lunch and visit Dr. Perez again so that he could check my fluid levels and make sure the baby had enough cushion around him. I continued to show great levels, and we were given the go again to go home and wait on my body to do its thing. After we got home, I sat on my ball for a little while watching a movie. I began to feel tired and proceeded to take a nap.

Around 5:30pm, a very strong contraction woke me up from my sleep. I called Meka into the room, and we worked through the following few contractions together. I tried to position myself on all four’s on the bed, but it was very uncomfortable. I then performed a series of positions to see what could work for me to bear through the pressure waves I was experiencing. I labored on my left side in the bed for a bit, labored standing on the wall, and labored on our toilet and in the shower until I was ready to get out and try something else. At this time, we all felt it was time to begin filling up the tub to prepare for the birth of my baby. Since the water had cooled down significantly, Blue had to boil water on the stove and pour it into the tub several times. When I walked into our guest bathroom, there were candles lit all around and music playing. He did such a great job with the ambiance! I labored for about 25-35 minutes in the tub, but it was becoming too intense. It felt like I didn’t have any breaks in between contractions like I did earlier on. It was painful. I then began to feel pushy and would do just that when a contraction would come about. I got frustrated when I would push in the tub because I didn’t feel like I was making any progress, and I was beginning to feel a lot of pressure in my bottom. Meka soon suggested that I try sitting on the toilet so that gravity could be an active participate in the process at this point. Although the pain was still intense, I finally felt like things were actually progressing. I grunted, yelled, and pulled on Blue for support with every contraction. I felt the baby’s head right there at the opening. I knew there was no going back now. I pushed and pushed until his head came out. Meka then hurriedly told Blue to pick me up from the toilet so that I could deliver the rest of his body. She said I needed to slow my pushing down at this point before I pushed the body out. I did just that and remember her turning his body inside of me as she guided him out with my last push. The pushing process lasted for about 15-20 minutes, although it felt much longer!

Meka handed my baby to me, and I was in so much shock. Kenzo Blue Hamilton was born at 11:40pm on September 26, 2014. I couldn’t believe I actually did it and he was here with us!! We proceeded to walk to our bedroom and we did skin to skin for about an hour. Blue was able to cut the chewy cord, and then breastfeeding began. He latched on right away!

I couldn’t’ have made it through this process without my awesome hubby and midwife. I didn’t have the water birth like I wanted, but it was still a non-complication home birth nonetheless with a strong and healthy baby as a result and I couldn’t have been happier!!