Jeni Is An Amazing Doula Recommendation

jeni ref

Jeni Stansbury-Clark is an amazing doula!! I knew it from the moment I met her. She’s so friendly, I felt like I was talking to my sister!

She has been there for the birth of my last two babies. The first one didn’t go exactly as planned but she stayed with me, was calm, helped me make informed decisions throughout my entire labor and beyond. I never felt judged like I thought a doula might, when I opted for pain meds. She helped me latch my son on to breastfeed after he was born. She even had resources for placenta encapsulation!

My second birth she assisted with, she helped me through making decisions after my baby went breech at 39 weeks, and knew which Drs to have me talk to, and what my birth options could be.

The labor and delivery of this one was much different and much faster than the last. But she was there, praising my breathing, encouraging me to continue, giving me other methods when labor became more intense, doing and saying all the right things. I can’t say enough good things about her or the way she helped empower me!

I will forever be grateful that Jeni was there for my births, and recommend her to everyone I come across who is interested in hiring a doula. I consider her family.

Jen Asay