It Is Just One Day… Right?

Last night we were reading through the script for the play Birth, rehearsing. And one character in the play does little preparation for her birth, saying it is” just one day” in her life. I had a conversation with Guina today about how sad it is that often women really do not realize that birth is so much more than one day in their life.  Consider the events that we as women prepare for…. the college to attend, the man to marry, the job  to have, the kind of car to drive, the house and neighborhood to  live, the dress to wear when married, the kind of cake at the rehearsal, the wedding day in general, the color of the nursery, the type of bedding to select for the master bedroom, etc… and yet one of the, if not the most important day of our lives- the day we turn from women to mothers- the day we experience a life being born from our bodies. It should not be a day we just swallow deeply and hope it all goes well….

I wish that women would allow themselves to dream of their birth of their babies…. dream about how they want it to happen….dream about the events surrounding that experience- their care provider, their birth options,the location for the birth, and do the preparation they need to do emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. I wish they understood this is a day that creates the story they will retell for the rest of their lives. It is important. It will shape the way they see themselves forevermore. It will shape the way they view themselves as women and mothers and even daughters.

I wish instead of fleeing from their fears, hoping they will not show up in labor, they would allow themselves to release and just let their bodies birth gently having done the preparation to allow that to happen. And realizing if their birth unfolds in such a way that is not like they planned, it will be okay since they did the best they could, fully prepared. I wish women would realize that this day is not just a day- it can be a wonderful life changing day that will forever transform them.

So, give some real thought to what kind of birth you desire…. realize you have options that you may not have explored…. but most of all prepare for this day- it is a day- one day- but it is a day that will forever change you either in a negative way or a positive one…. the decisions you make may determine that outcome.