Isha Faye

Labor and Postpartum Doula

“Natural Births are our birth right” -Unknown

My name is Isha Faye and I am a labor and postpartum doula. I have been a doula since 2021 and my experience to date has been supporting clients birthing at the Atlanta Birth Center, Emory Midtown, Northside,  North Fulton Hospital and at home. In addition to doula work, I’m a Registered Behavioral Technician giving 1:1 therapy to autistic children to help prepare them for school. Providing children with therapy and watching their development is incredibly rewarding work.

I began my journey into becoming a doula because of the misrepresentation of Black women in the medical field. Black women have higher rates of maternal mortality and morbidity than any other race. In the hospital, black women sometimes feel they are not being treated fairly or with empathy. My goal is to bridge that gap and provide aide during the birthing process in the form of support and advocacy. I want to ensure that you have a positive birth experience, ideally the birth experience you wish for but definitely an experience where you feel comfortable and supported.

I believe your postpartum time should be spent bonding with your baby, being provided with warm meals and resting. As your postpartum doula, my role is to provide an extra set of hands for help around the house, support with baby and any other tasks that will smooth the postpartum transition. I am available for evening and overnight postpartum requests.

Labor doula fee: $875

Postpartum doula fee: $450 and up

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