Invite an Apprentice to Join

apprenticeship offeringsAn apprentice doula accompanies your mentoring doula to your labor and birth. If the prenatal has not already been completed, she may also attend that meeting. It is a time for her to not only observe but also assist the mentoring doula. She has already attended a doula training with a certifying organization prior to attending your labor and birth. This is an opportunity to learn through observation of an experienced doula as well as obtain some hands on experience as well. She will be acting only under guidance and supervision of the mentoring doula. It is great having a second pair of hands to massage, hold, press, rebozo, etc. She will stay throughout the duration of the labor and birth. Often we encourage her to be the photographer and note taker too. We would love to have you consider inviting our apprentice to accompany your doula. This addition to your labor and birth is at no extra charge. So you are getting two doulas for the price of one! You will be helping her toward her certification, but even more, you will be helping her gain valuable skills and experience. You will find our current apprentices on the Meet Us page with the notation of Apprentice. Please let your doula know if you want to include either of them. Thanks!