Introductions of sorts

Seems my grown children feel I may have a legacy of ideas to share…whether it be quips and quotes or anecdotes… so I am going to try to share ideas and thoughts- some random and some specific to my work as a doula, to my life as a cancer survivor and as a woman warrior.

Sometimes our lives seem so normal to us but as we share what is going on in our specific lives they seem to fascinate others… and at the same time sometimes the things that we find exciting and wonderful seem mundane or uninteresting to others. I guess you can take or leave that which interests you.

If my words in any way can inspire or guide you, great. If it causes you to think differently than you did before, that is expansion. And if it causes you to rethink some things that you had not given thought to before, that is growth.

I feel blessed with my given career- which I feel is a calling to serve in such a wonderful way. I am led to be a doula by the life I had lived up to that point and the life that I must have lived in the past somewhere. I feel blessed with having had cancer and being able to view the journey from the side of survivor. I think it is important to listen to our voice that God has given us from within… I will share with you how doing that probably saved my life and indeed kept me from having to have chemo…

I thank my kids- specifically Jami and Brok for encouraging me to make this blog… thanks for believing your mom has something worth sharing!