“I Had No IDEA!”

This is something we hear all the time! It is amazing how many women have no idea how many options for birth are out there. Often they sit with me or attend our Meet and Greet and tell me they had no idea that they could choose things like a water birth, a breech birth, twins unmedicated and vaginal, a non induced birth if they go past 40 weeks, VBACs and more. It is amazing to me that we have tried to get the word out but somehow have missed getting it fully out there.

I love that Dr. Brad Bootstaylor, one of the founders for Atlanta Birth Center, says that a good provider will offer you options that are available even if they are not options that are offered where that provider services. Often times women will tell me that they will ask their care provider about things like water birth and midwifery care and the reply is that they do not offer that. And that ends the conversation for many.

Women must educate themselves about their options. We can not rely on our main stream doctors to provide non main stream services. Women must do their own searches for what they want- the internet- their friends- books and magazines.

Here is a great blog radio link to Marsden Wagner speaks on Genna Kirby’s radio station on informed consent. He discussed induction as being one of the most invasive and dangerous things that happen to pregnant women. 40% induction and over 30% cesaerans are way too high and carry huge risks. marsden wagner md


Dr.Marsden Wagner will be our very special guest on Progressive Parenting. We will be discussing the safety of home birth, and informed choice. He spent 15 years Director, Womens and Childrens Health, World Health Organization

Take responsibility- read- research- listen- watch videos like the Business of Being Born and Orgasmic Birth. Have the birth you desire by taking back your birth! Hire a midwife! Hire a doula! Take non hospital provided classes!