How Are You Gonna Help Me?

Do you consider yourself the consumer, the client when you are hiring your physician? Do you feel they need to listen to you and help you have the birth you want? When did we as women give our rights to choose the birth experience we want to achieve on someone who is not in labor? When policies do not make sense- are not evidenced based- are not open to being changed based on you as an individual but instead are based on what fits their schedules the best- when will you speak up? I wish every woman would take back her birth. I wish she would educate herself early on to what her options are. I wish she would take an early pregnancy class to understand how to select a care provider that is right for her.  And the question I would begin with – is to have a mom tell her doctor what an ideal birth experience would be like and then ask,

“How will you be helping me to facilitate that experience?”

If they are clueless or simply dismissive, walk out then! They should be honest about what they can do. They should be willing to help you. They should be willing to give you names of childbirth educators and doulas who they know will help you on that journey to an ideal birth. If they can not do that- why are you giving them your money? Remember you are the consumer. If you demand it, they will provide it. Money speaks. The way we will change birth is to quit giving money to those who are not supporting us in our journeys.