Why Again Did You Hire a Doula?

Sometimes we are hired for very unique reasons.


  • Perhaps you want to labor at home and arrive almost ready to push when you get to the hospital. Hmmm, okay. But do you realize you may change your mind or your circumstances may change- like having to be medically induced? And you need to know at home we will not be monitoring your baby or offering any medical assistance. We love being at your home in middle labor. But remember the scope of practice of a doula is to not give you medical advice or offer medical intervention.
  • Sometimes it is because you feel the need to be “protected.” But our role is not to protect you per se- you should feel safe at the location for your birth. If you do not feel safe, you need to consider changing your birth location or provider. But if we can help you feel more comfortable and make sure you have gotten informed consent and information, great, we can do that.
  • Sometimes you feel your partner will need some help in being comfortable and help as your support. We love being there for both of you.  We help your partner have that support and added level of confidence.
  • If you want someone to speak up for you, we don’t really do that. But we do help you find your voice so you can stand strong in having the birth options you decide are right for you.
  • If you want to have a team member there that believes in birth and knows a ton of things that may help lessen the need for interventions, help you have a more gentle birth experience, find more confidence and comfort in your labor, check- we love doing that!