Formula with Rocket Fuel

Seems like a joke doesn’t it? Well it is not a joke!

The beginning of the article says, “ATLANTA – Traces of a chemical used in rocket fuel were found in samples of powdered baby formula, and could exceed what’s considered a safe dose for adults if mixed with water also contaminated with the ingredient, a government study has found.

The study by scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked for the chemical, perchlorate, in different brands of powdered baby formula. It was published last month, but the Environmental Working Group issued a press release Thursday drawing attention to it.

The chemical has turned up in several cities’ drinking water supplies. It can occur naturally, but most perchlorate contamination has been tied to defense and aerospace sites.

No tests have ever shown the chemical caused health problems, but scientists have said significant amounts of perchlorate can affect thyroid function. The thyroid helps set the body’s metabolism. Thyroid problems can impact fetal and infant brain development.”

So just one more time that something harmful has been found in formula. We remember the articles last month that is at This is the same level that caused China to bring about Death Sentences Over Melamine Milk Formula Scandal to the company’s leadership and determined that the melamine was way too high for baby’s safety.

And if it is not formula then it is the carrier of the formula that is under investigation.

The article about this is located at and starts with “NY county ban on baby bottle chemical is official
Associated Press
By KAREN MATTHEWS, Associated Press Writer – Thu Apr 2, 3:41 PM PDT

NEW YORK – A suburban New York county has adopted the nation’s first ban on the chemical found in plastic baby bottles and sippy cups.

The measure banning the sale of baby bottles containing BPA was signed by Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy on Thursday after county legislators passed it last month.

Several states including California, Oregon and Hawaii are considering bans the chemical formally known as bisphenol A, but Suffolk County, on Long Island, is the first place in the nation to enact one.

Canada announced in October it was banning BPA in baby bottles, becoming the first country to restrict sale of the chemical, which is commonly used in the lining of food cans, eyeglass lenses and hundreds of household items.”

So rather than being concerned about nipple confusion causing problems with breastfeeding or allergies to formula or issues of natural, healthy bacteria being destroyed by that one bottle- now we need to realize there are hidden dangers that can cause severe damage to our babies… so the quick answer is please breastfeed. Get help beforehand to learn the proper way to latch and the ways to avoid problems. Get help afterwards if you have problems. Realize that it is really the best way to feed your baby and is the safest too!