Evidence Based Medicine

Often a client or student comes to me with a question. Seems their doctor or midwife does things differently than their friend’s midwife or doctor. Or they hear about what one hospital allows and what others say is outside of their policy. I believe in practicing evidenced based medicine. That means what do the actual studies say?

Do you want to know what evidence based medicine says about a particular subject? Instead of “this is what we do….” or “it is protocol here to do it this way…” perhaps you should consider looking at what the evidence- what the studies actually say about a certain procedure… so here is the place I do my research- perhaps you should as well. http://www.cochrane.org/reviews/en/topics/87.html

There is nothing better than making an informed decision. We need as consumers to take more of an active role in our health decisions. We need to understand why something needs to be done and how it can be offered to us. When you do not take an active role in the decision making and the outcome is different than you desired- you must take responsibility in the outcome being something you allowed to happen.