Evidence Based Hospital Practices

Do you know if your hospital is practicing evidenced based medicine for their labor and birth patients? The Cochran Collaboration is all about studies to actually see what is best and evidenced based. I sometimes think a couple should carry a notebook of evidenced based studies to counteract the mistreatment during labor.

EBP notebook

  • Have you been told that midwives are not as good as physicians for normal birth? Guess who is best?
  • Wondered if the support of a doula makes a difference? Check this out.
  • Do you think a home birth is less safe than a hospital one? Surprise!
  • Do they want you to wear their not so private or attractive hospital gown? There is no evidence that what you wear makes any difference in birth outcomes- but it can affect how you feel. Wear what you are comfortable wearing!
  • Do they require everyone to get an IV even if you decline or do not need any medication? Hmmm, not so!
  • Do they tell you that you can not eat or drink in labor? No fasting is needed!
  • Do they say that you must stay in the bed?  Get moving!
  • Do they want you on your back and your legs in stirrups for the actual birth? You can choose!
  • Do they want you to be on continuous monitoring? See what is best!
  • Someone telling you that water labor and birth is not good for you or the baby? Read the truth.
  • Do they believe an episiotomy is better than a possible vaginal tear? It is not true!
  • Do they want to cut the cord quickly rather than delaying the cut? See what is best!
  • Do they encourage actual skin to skin just after the birth? Hold that baby!

So please look at your care provider and birth location’s approach to a healthy birth. If they have a whole notebook of protocols- shouldn’t you have a notebook of real evidence to help direct them? 🙂