Doing the Next Best Thing

If you are making an informed decision, and are choosing your next approach based on what is the next best thing to do in our situation, then you are making a decision in awareness and thus birthing in awareness.Each birth is different and you have not idea what may be truly needed in that particular birth. That is why birth planning is difficult if not impossible. Certainly you can fantasize about your birth and make your wishes known, but to truly plan it is not conceivable having no idea how it may unfold.
In our childbirth class you will learn to develop a pain coping mindset. You will learn at least 20 things that will help with pain coping. For instance think in terms of a few you already know that work when you have pain now. In class you will learn how to decide what things to choose and when the timing may be more beneficial. But here is a list of 20 things to try in labor :
  1. Bath or shower
  2. Walking or movement
  3. Birth ball
  4. Encouragement
  5. Co-chanting
  6. Rice Sock for heat therapy
  7. Ice hands for cold therapy
  8. Aromatherapy
  9. Non focused Awareness
  10. Breath Awareness
  11. Coyote Howling or vocalizations
  12. Quaker listening
  13. Massage
  14. Edges, Centering, Spiraling
  15. Candle Gazing
  16. Bellydancing
  17. Reflexology
  18. Doula support
  19. Narcotics
  20. Epidural