Does insurance pay?

“Upon your recommendation, we submitted your fee to our health insurance (United Healthcare) and received word back from them just before the year ended. They covered the doula fee almost 100% (they wrote me a check for $7 less than the fee we paid you)!! I couldn’t believe it when I got the claim notice. I thought for sure we’d have to resubmit a few times with explanation or backup documentation, but it all went through without any of that. I was thrilled to get the notice in the mail and wanted to let you know too. We would have still contracted you as our doula even without the option of getting reimbursed by insurance, so this was just a bonus. Please feel free to relate this on to Teresa or any of your clients.”

We think you should always consider filing with your insurance company. We provide a form – a superbill – for you to send in to your insurance company AFTER the birth. Don’t contact them ahead of time. Wait to send it in afterward. If you have a less interventive birth, then the likelihood increases that they will consider it. If they tell you up front they will not, no matter what- they will not since it is documented that they told you so.

We provide on our form the CPT code for doula services, a federal ID for taxes and a national provider identifier number- all of this helps with getting insurance companies to see we are a valid provider.

You can go to or and copy their position paper documenting the effects of using a doula to substantiate the cost being a benefit to your labor and birth outcome.

Most pretax programs not only cover doula services but also many of our classes.