Do You Doula?

The person who filmed and edited this film sent me this link

Do You Doula? the video

I thought I would share it. Although I am always a bit concerned with doulas who feel the need to “save” other women due to their birth experience… I do think that can be the initiating impetus that drives some women to become doulas. So although the very first frame makes me a bit concerned- the rest of the film does share some good information regarding doulas.

I think doulas are definitely there to be a birth guide of sorts… a childbirth professional there to remind the parents of their original plans. But also as a support system to help the mom and dad know that they are strong and can do this. I think the message of this film does share those thoughts.

If you have questions about what a doula does and how she interacts with you and the staff, this may be very informative to you. I am a certified doula and I do think it is important to understand that training does set some doulas apart from the friend who is there calling herself a doula. She may not understand how best to work in the medical situation. But having a support system is imperative.

How a woman feels about her birth is something that will be with her forever. Being listened to and respected is paramount and doulas do make an impact with helping her feel this way.