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Thanks Dena- great recommendation for Jennifer Fargar!

“Jennifer was my post-partum doula for several weeks after my daughter Jenna was born in February 2009. She was an excellent help during a very tiring, stressful time. She was so warm and calming and really helped me relax during those initial tiring weeks. One of the things I loved is that Jennifer really catered her help to my particular needs. When we first met, I told her that I had been forgetting to eat. She went into my kitchen and made small individual snacks that I could easily grab during the busy days. She even put the snacks next to my breast pump and bed so I could have some during the night. On days when I needed sleep, she would watch my daughter and help with laundry or whatever needed to be done at the time. She was also respectful of my choices for my daughter (such as supplementing breastfeeding with formula) and gave helpful suggestions without judging or questioning me on my choices. I would highly recommend Jennifer as a postpartum doula to any lucky mom that can have her!”