Delandra Vinson, Advanced Holistic Doula (The Matrona)

I believe in your body’s ability to give birth.  Just as you possess the natural ability to breathe, you are equipped with all that you need to birth…  My goal is to help you listen to your body, make decisions based on information not fear, and achieve an empowering birth as you define it.

I am the owner of Labor of Love. I began my career as a labor doula in 2006, almost a year after giving birth to my oldest child.  I have since had the pleasure of welcoming over 500 babies here in the metro Atlanta area! In addition to running the company, I’m a labor doula and a student midwife. Birth, birth and more birth!

As a doula, I attend home births, birth center and hospital births- with birth plans ranging from holistic/avoid-all-intervention to get me that epidural asap! Whatever your birth ideal happens to be, we work together to achieve that. I do not have a predisposed notion of what your birth experience should be, although my top priority for all moms is to avoid an unnecessary cesarean.

My approach is to listen to what your ideal experience entails then guide you toward the tools to fully prepare to achieve that birth. There are so many options for childbirth preparation, I’m here to help you sift through it all.

I am mom to two kids – a daughter born naturally in the hospital, and a son who was born unassisted at home.  It was after my daughter’s birth that I discovered my passion for birth!  Since becoming a doula, I have seen births unfold many different ways, and my own labors were both slow and steady (and easy peasy) & fast and furious (like, woah!).  My own experiences gave me a great appreciation for the range of sensations a woman may be feeling during labor & birth and was a great lesson that, yes – every birth is different!

I would be honored to be your doula – guiding you through preparation, offering information and hands on help in labor,  and witnessing your strength while you bring your baby into the world. Email me at to chat more!

  • Fees are reduced for repeat clients and home births. Email me!

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