Delandra Vinson CPM, MHC, CD

Certified Professional Midwife
Maternal Health Consultant Advanced Holistic Doula

” I believe in your body’s ability to give birth.  Just as you possess the natural ability to breathe, you are equipped with all that you need to birth…  My goal is to help you listen to your body, make decisions based on information not fear, and achieve an empowering birth as you define it.”

I am a Certified Professional Midwife and the owner of Labor of Love. I began my career as a labor doula in 2006 almost a year after giving birth to my oldest child. Then I transitioned to midwifery work in 2019. I have had the honor and pleasure of welcoming over 700 babies here in the metro Atlanta area as a doula and midwife!

As a doula, I was able to witness the management styles of many different OBs, hospital-based midwives and out-of-hospital midwives. Those experiences, along with the data I tracked about the births, revealed huge differences between obstetric and midwifery care. Births were more gentle (even the longer/harder ones), cesarean rates were lower, and parents were happier with their experiences when working with a skilled midwife, especially in the out-of-hospital setting. It became evident to me that I needed to become a midwife in the out-of-hospital space to increase accessibility to this option and achieve better birth outcomes.

My goal as a midwife is to support a safe and sacred experience for families that feel very drawn to home birth. I believe in promoting a healthy pregnancy through nutrition, exercise and holistic therapies. Medical therapies are discussed and used as needed or desired.

I hold a Bachelors in Business Administration from Florida A&M University ( FAMU SBI, class of ’03!). My first career was as a financial analyst, then a marketing associate within the investment consulting industry. I became aware of my connection to the birth process following the birth of my daughter in 2005. I started out as an independent doula in 2006 and joined Labor of Love Doulas in 2010. By 2016 I had attended over 300 births and I acquired the Labor of Love doula agency. I caught my first baby in 2018. Since then, I have completed clinical training apprenticeships with two local home birth midwives and worked collaboratively with several others. I completed my Bachelors degree in Midwifery in 2022 and my CPM credential in 2023.

I’m blessed to have a great partner and two amazing children – our daughter was born unmedicated in the hospital, and our son was born unassisted at home. My first labor was both slow and steady (and ‘not that bad’) & my second labor was fast and furious (birthed in my front yard!). My experiences gave me a great appreciation for the range of sensations a woman may be feeling during labor & birth, and they were excellent lessons that, yes – every birth is different!

I would be honored to be your midwife, guiding you through your pregnancy, and witnessing your strength as you bring your baby into the world. 

My office is located in Mableton, and I will travel 1-hour (a little farther if you live near Alabama/I-20). Availability varies each month.

Email me at or schedule a consultation below.