Deketa Shares An Amazing Birth Story!

My due date was Tuesday, May8th.  I went to my appointment. I hadn’t been getting “checked”, as I just wanted whatever to happen, to happen.  I began taking primrose oil as that’s about all the “intervening” that I was doing.  Janet, my midwife, thought that I wouldn’t go too past my due date, but I didn’t care because I mentally prepared myself to go 42 weeks. So in the days to come, I would continue walking, curb walking, and having maritals.

On Thursday, May 10th at 5am, I awoke to feeling “weird,” almost like I was about to come on my cycle but needing to have a bowel movement.  So I went to the restroom, had a bowel movement and came back to bed.  But for some reason, I needed to go again about 10 minutes later.  So I went again, this time having a bloody show with mucus.  This is it! I am in “early” labor, so I thought!  Well, I went back to bed, and didn’t bother to tell Keith since this is the beginning.  Well Keith woke up about 5 minutes later and asked if I was ok.  Yes, why?  He said I was squeezing his leg.  Well apparently I am having contractions!  I had to go back to the restroom, as it just felt great to sit on the toilet. Keith got up to “monitor” me.  I felt like I was having waves of menstrual cramps.  I was thinking this is early and it’s going to get more intense, so embrace it and hang on to my hat.

Keith said ok let’s time them for his sake, as I’m on the toilet I was contracting.  They were every 3 minutes lasting 30 seconds!  My mind took me to thinking; nope they need to be around 5 minutes lasting an hour.  I proceeded to get in the shower at this time around 6am.  I had to been there at least 30 minutes, as it felt great!  Keith was getting dressed, and he continued to time my contractions.  They got stronger, but not strong enough for me to want to react.  Well once I got out the shower, I wanted back in!  I had 2 intense contractions that made me grab Keith as he grounded me to “breathe” and I yodeled through the contractions.  I wanted to get back on the toilet, as I kept feeling bottom pressure.

I then decided to call my midwife.  I put on my clothes to prepare to go to the hospital.  Keith packed up the car.  The midwife calls back at 7am and listens to me contract or yodel if you will, and tells me to come in.   For some reason I had it in my head that it’s going to get worse, and my contractions are not lasting a minute, they are not 511 or even 411!  They are like 3-30seconds!  Well we got in the truck, and uh oh!  That dang on car seat is in the way!  Teresa told us not to put it in!  Well, I couldn’t sit down in the seat, I had to ride with my knees on the seat with me facing backwards and my head on the headrest, as I kept yodeling and feeling bottom pressure.  It’s 7am on Thursday am, we will not be able to go the regular route (I-285 to 400) to North Fulton.  We are taking the back way, to ensure we won’t get stuck in too much traffic; however, it will be a lot of lights.  I told Keith to do the best he could.  He decided to drive 100 miles an hr instead!

However, during the trip, I had one intense contraction with that continuous bottom pressure, afterwards, I got in a zone.  I didn’t yodel, I just mentally endured and breathe through them.  Keith kept asking if I was ok.  I thought maybe the contractions were subsiding or if I was really in the zone and not “feeling” them as intense as they were.  We got to the hospital an hour later.  (at about 8:20am at this time) As soon as Keith pulled up to labor and delivery they had a wheelchair ready.  I didn’t want to sit, so I proceeded to place my knees on the chair and I rolled into delivery backwards! I changed into my hospital gown, as I realized I didn’t have my sugary drink!  Oh well!  I had an intense contraction in the middle of the wardrobe change.

Kim Storrey (midwife) on call reminded me that I needed to be monitored before filling the tub.  I just said, I know but go ahead and fill it up.  Mind you, I tested positive for Strep B, and needed to get the antibiotics as well.  Well don’t you know she checked me and I was 8 cm!  Kim was like when did you start contracting?!   It just started at 5am!  Well, with that being said, about 3 minutes later my water broke!  And what do you know there is meconium in my water!  Oh well.  I didn’t care, because we were prepared to embrace what happened and was taught beforehand that your birth plan is only a plan!  At the point of my water breaking, I was fully dilated!  They brought over a mirror and his head was crowning!  I was ready to push, because I’ve been feeling the urge!   It only took 3 pushes! From the time I came into the hospital until delivery, it happened all in 12 minutes!  Everyone was like, you’re a first time mom?!!!   This is every laboring mom, and midwife’s dream!  Well, we didn’t get any antibiotics for Strep B, I didn’t have my water birth, but it was the most exasperating experience ever!

Kendall and I both checked out fine/healthy.  They didn’t even have me fully admitted yet, as everything happened so fast! So, we had our birthing ball, rice sock, focus wall, snack bag, my “Bozo” (lol), and it didn’t even make it out the car!  Lol! However, my natural birth experience was awesome!  Thank you for being an awesome preparation coach! (Teresa taught them private classes)