Conscious Breathing

Holistic NYC Doula has a wonderful blog! We teach breath awareness in our childbirth classes. I think this video clip is a good one for understanding how breath enters into a relaxed preparation for birth.

conscious breathing-quick-easy-intro-to-yogic-breathing

Please consider that the he hes and he hahs of yesteryear breathing techniques work for some since it is the repetitive nature of the breathing or the “doing something” that kept your mind occupied. But this type of breathing is actually effective in calming down in most any situation.

We always think it is funny that partners stand over a woman and yell “breathe” to her. She is breathing! But he or she is trying to remind the mom to be aware of her breath. Staying on top of your breath- keeping your breath awareness so that you can keep air moving up and down- to your baby- to your body- to keep your muscles and organs full of power, is essential to staying calm and staying energized in labor.

Take time to watch this video. It may help you understand conscious breathing so that you can use this tool in your labor- and in your life!