Compression for Healing During Postpartum

I started wearing Marena products about seven years ago after having major surgery. I needed to wear compression (and actually am supposed to continue to do so) and I found them. Their products were superior to any I had come across. I had bought cheaper products along the way but found that the products from them had lasted.

I had been to birth conferences where some skinny girl who had never had a baby exhibited garments that seemed more fashionista than anything else. They marketed them to women postpartum who wanted to get their shape back. I have to tell you I was completely turned off by the product marketing. But at the same time I knew that postpartum support helped the mom heal faster and feel better as it brought her body back together.

The benefits to wearing compression after the birth includes supporting your pelvic structure, joints and ligaments that were loosened by hormones during pregnancy to return to their non pregnant state.This helps with lessening the strain on your back and pelvis during that recovery time. These products help:

  • provide anti-microbial protection
  • promote healing of diastasis -recti
  • minimize bruising
  • reduce pain
  • improve lymphatic drainage
  • promote skin retraction
  • support the back and abdomen
  • improve posture
  • be cool and comfortable
  • accelerate incision healing

Recently there has been an idea of belly binding- which although is quite pretty- it is not very practical at all. We use our rebozo to help “tie” a mom’s pelvis back together and it feels great but again is difficult for her to do on her own.

Well Marena representatives recently called me to ask if they could come show me their new postpartum products. They have been in the medical field for a long time and make wonderful products. So, expanding into a line that is for postpartum moms is a fabulous idea. There are three new products we will be carrying in our store. These are so different than the products you can buy elsewhere. The soft compression fabric is wicking and breathes. So, no getting hot when wearing it. The binder can adjust completely- so it is great for just after the birth and can get smaller and still support you along the way.

PPGS_Panel-Detail2PPGS_panel detail with overlay 2abdominal wrapPPGA_Product-Image

There are some other great products I hope to carry as well for anyone- their leggings and supportive yoga type pants and their body suits are incredible- although not nursing friendly! I have shared with them some ideas for that! And they also have the option of customizing their products if you need that to be done as well. So, check out the new items! I do not carry these items in stock- but can have them within two days from your order. And if you choose to purchase $100 in Marena products, I can have them drop shipped directly to you free.

Click on the products to go to the store item! The sizing chart is on the  store page.