Cloth for Everybum

Did you know if you wanted to try cloth diapers but had no idea where to start- there is an organization that wants to help you?

Cloth for Everybum (C4EB) is a national non-profit organization with sites operating in Georgia, Texas, and Michigan. C4EB began on the Military base and is designed to help families take the biggest/hardest step in cloth diapering… beginning to cloth diaper.

Which types of cloth diapers are best for our baby? How do they work? How do we wash them? And poop… where does the poop go?


C4EB provides each family with a kit that includes a variety of cloth diapers to try for 6 months, cloth wipes and some samples of cloth diaper friendly baby goods. What makes C4EB so amazing is that with the kit comes a mentor. For the 6 months that the family has the kit of diapers, they also have access to a local mama that has extensive cloth diaper experience, is trained on how to use the cloth diapers provided, as well as troubleshoot with the family to solve any problems that arise. Sometimes laundry routines can cause problems with cloth diapers and C4EB mentors know exactly what to do in these cases.

Many families that receive a kit from C4EB love the diapers they receive so much that they buy the kit from C4EB at the end of the 6 month lending period. Some buy certain diapers and return the rest. Then others will return the whole kit, as they have used the six month lending period to build their own stash of cloth diapers. From the time that the family leaves the distribution class, with their baby in a cloth diaper, their mentor will be available to answer questions and provide support.

Who can receive a kit from Cloth for Everybum?

Anyone with a child in diapers that owns less than five cloth diapers and lives within two hours of the site location is encouraged to apply for the program. Kits are disbursed on a first come, first served basis. Eligibility is NOT based on income, age or number of children, etc.

Where do we get our diapers?

We rely on donations of all kinds. Diapers, services and monetary donations keep our “doors” open. We accept all diaper donations (new or used) and if it is something that, for any reason cannot be used in a kit, we will sell the item and use the money towards buying new diapers. Most diapers in our kits are new and if a used diaper passes our rigorous standards then it is sanitized before being redistributed.

We periodically hold fundraisers to benefit local sites as well as national fundraisers to benefit all of the C4EB sites. All of our managers and mentors work for C4EB on a 100% volunteer basis. So that means that 100% of all support goes directly toward cloth diaper kit materials and events to educate the community.

Cloth for EveryBum- Atlanta

Cloth for Everybum- Atlanta is based in Gwinnett County and began distributing kits in June 2014. We also provide Cloth 101 and Cloth 102 classes to the community absolutely free of charge. Cloth 101 is a class that explains the benefits of cloth diapering, different types of diapers, and care instructions. This is a great class for families that are just beginning to cloth diaper or are interested in learning about the world of cloth diapering. Cloth 102 delves deeper into the care of cloth diapers and troubleshoots any issues that the participants are having. C4EB Atlanta is always looking for volunteers, mentors and diaper donations. Please, reach out to Site Managers Cindy Dana and Marianna Slaughter with any questions regarding the Atlanta site. Here is their email address. Learn about events and happenings of the Atlanta site through facebook .

For general questions and support you can visit our website or connect on facebook ,

Click here to apply to receive a C4EB kit.

Labor of Love also offers a wonderful workshop on cloth diapering that is taught by Renee Wymer. Click here to read more about it.