FUNdamentals of Empowered Birth • $180

1 Day Classes for Couples

8.5 hour comprehensive childbirth class. FUNdamentals is an open-discussion format, and the curriculum is guided by the goals, questions, and respectful discussion of the participants. This class is free from judgement, and information is shared from an evidence-based perspective. Learn stages of labor, 30+ pain coping techniques, labor and birth positions, navigating options during birth, newborn procedures, and intro to carseat safety.

Mindful Birthing for Couples • $130/Class

Half day classes for Couples

Based on your birth choices, this 5.5 hour workshop teaches useful techniques and support measures, giving you and your partner the foundation to create the birth of your dreams and manage the waves of transition as you either begin or expand your family.

Aligned & Ready • $130

This workshop is full of PHYSICAL PREPARATION TOOLS that have been proven to shorten labor and increase likelihood of vaginal birth. Learn about the anatomy of the pelvis, stretches and techniques to optimize fetal positioning, reduce discomfort in pregnancy and more. You will walk away with your personal plan for a healthier pregnancy and safer birth.

Fundamentals of Breastfeeding • $105

This is a unique class with new approaches to learning positions and latching techniques. Studies indicate that taking a prenatal breastfeeding class is the best way to avoid problems with breastfeeding. We feel it is essential for partners to also learn the techniques to offer best support.

Private Classes

We believe group interaction is helps not only solidify the information, but also makes learning more fun. However, we offer private classes in our childbirth class locations or your home for those who aren't able to make one of the regularly scheduled sessions. Private sessions are shorter than the group classes, and can often be tailored to meet your specific informational needs. Email for details about the private class of your interest.