CIMS posting of Cesarean Guidelines

NEW from CIMS! “The Risks of Cesarean Section” and “A Checklist for Expectant Mothers”
CIMS’ newest fact sheet was released on Feb. 26 at the 2010 CIMS Forum

CIMS proudly announces the availability of a recently updated fact sheet “The Risks of Cesarean Section,” (PDF) which also includes “About the Risks of Cesarean Section: A Checklist for Expectant Mothers to Read During Pregnancy.”

Birth is a normal, natural, process and the vast majority of women can have safe, normal, vaginal births. While there are health conditions where a cesarean birth is necessary for the well-being of the mother or her baby, more and more mothers these days are giving birth by cesarean section for non-medical reasons. CIMS along with 20 endorsing organizations recommend that cesarean surgery be reserved for situations when potential benefits clearly outweigh potential harms. This educational material is provided by CIMS to help healthcare providers and expectant parents learn about the risks of cesarean section.

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