Christina Lundy, Labor and Postpartum Doula

Just as a woman’s heart know how and when to pump
Her lungs to inhale
And her hand to pull back from fire
So she knows when and how to give birth
-Virginia Di Orio

Hi! I’m Christina. I learned with the birth of my children that birth is unpredictable and part of the process is embracing the unknown. We have to be flexible- just like in parenting. After giving birth to my children, I was hooked on birth! I’ve seen, personally and with my doula clients, how birth can change a person’s life for the better! Now it’s my mission to empower, educate, and support women during their pregnancy and birth. After the birth of my 2nd daughter, I attended training with Academy of Certified Birth Educators (ACBE), and it was an amazing experience. My training taught me so much about pregnancy and the birth process; also how to best support the laboring woman.

I had a doula with my third pregnancy and birth, and the support I received from her made all the difference in my overall experience. Since my training, I completed my apprenticeship with Labor of Love and am now working one-on-one with doula clients! My experience includes hospital birth, home birth, couples and single mothers- overall, my favorite type of birth is one where the birthing person is heard, respected and supported in their wishes.

I also provide postpartum doula services! The postpartum period is a time of huge changes to the normal family routine. I enjoy offering new parents an extra set of hands to help you get much-needed rest, learn soothing techniques for your new baby, and keep your home in order while you transition into your new normal.

In addition to doula work, you can find me at my breastfeeding group meetings hosted east of Atlanta. You can find more info about that here: I would love to have you join the group as we support one another in the newborn and breastfeeding experience!

I am married to my husband, Adam, and we have 5 children together.
I look forward to meeting you and your partner where you are and working together during the process!

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