How to Choose a Doula

doula bierman

You know your girlfriend may have loved a particular doulas, but that does not mean she is perfect for you.

You know your midwife or doctor may suggest a particular doula, but that does not mean she is the right choice for you.

You will know who is the best doula for you if you do a few things:

  • Read their bios on the website
  • Give the doulas you are drawn to a call and chat a bit
  • Come to the Mingle to meet them all in person
  • Or set up an interview if you did not make the mingle with the ones you feel may be a good fit
  • Sit and be mindful of which doula you are most drawn to- and hire her!

So many times a woman will tell me about herself and ask me to tell her who would be the best fit.

I do not presume to know who is the best doula for you. I believe you will be able to figure that out for yourself.

I think you will not go wrong with any of our doulas. We are all very different in personality and experience. But we are all the same in regards to our hearts for birth and families. We all offer the same services as doulas.

So trust your instincts and heart when choosing a doula who is the best fit for you!