Chicken Out vs Courage

Often times we hear women say, “I tried to go natural, but I chickened out in the end.” It is disturbing to hear them relate that to their birth experiences. I think often women will give in to the pressures from society, the medical staff or even your family when choosing to change their mind regarding medication in their labors. What every women needs is to be encouraged- to find more courage to keep moving forward. And they also need support in making the decisions that are the right decisions for them. If a woman is given the proper support  and encouragement and chooses to get medication that is not “chickening out.” That is making decisions based on what she needs.  Find supportive people to surround you in your labor that will help you find your courage.  Plus in an area where more than 90% of women get epidurals, it takes courage to even consider going without pain medication for birth.

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