Charlotte Scott, CLD, LTMB, BOLD, ATMAT

I am awed by the courage and strength of laboring women.  I am shaken anew, each and every time I witness birth. I see my role as part of your birth team to bring serenity and focus to your journey. I trust birth. I trust women. You will have your unique journey and it’s my honor to meet you there. 

I come to Labor of Love with a long career in holistic health. I love weaving that knowledge into my experiences with women. I am a certified labor doula. I attended my first birth over 20 years ago. I spent time with women during pregnancy and childbirth for 15 years as relaxation support and mind / body preparation. I am excited to be sharing those years of knowledge within the classes I teach at Labor of Love and with my pregnant clients. In 2010. I became certified officially as a Labor Doula and have embraced it as my life path ever since. I have experienced all types of birth and supported birth in hospitals, birth center and homes. And although my personal statistics include a much higher percentage of natural births, I have supported many women through medicated and surgical births as well.

I have quite a tribe…I am mother to 5, 1 of which is my Bonus Son. All of which are grown and having children of their own. I am grandmother to 8 and have been blessed to be present for most of their births, including the home birth of my granddaughter and I had the wonderful opportunity to catch one of my grandsons. I breast fed all of my children and feel as though my decade of birth and breastfeeding was one of the happiest times of my life.

I seek to live through what I am passionate about. The journey of women has been my greatest passion. To provide support along their path…most of my life has been spent nurturing and assisting women through all kinds of transitions. Teens into adults; women through their pregnancies and births; women through menopause and the humbling experience of women in hospice. One of my other passions is movement. I am a drummer and have been a dancer for nearly all of my life. I love incorporating movement into the process of birth. I feel that movement is the secret that birth has been missing, once known and now reawakened. I very much believe in the philosophy that in order to move the baby, we have to move the mother. (Gayle Tulley- Spinning Babies®.)

My first child was born at a time when I was very young and without the support of other women. I was alone in an “operating room” and heavily sedated, given the cocktail of morphine and scopolamine that was normal for the times. After he was born there was no one around me to coach me about breastfeeding and I sadly gave up very quickly. My body seemed to want to but I had no support and I gave in to the pressures around me. There were no wise women to help me feel okay about the changes and needs of my body. With each child I did a lot of self-discovery and grew in my birth and life wisdom. I make it my mission to serve as one of those women I was missing in my births and in my early life. I believe we have lost that connection in our society and birth and child rearing are where we need other women the most. I often ponder how different my life would have been had I had a wise woman to walk alongside me during my journey

I am a certified Labor Doula. I am a licensed massage therapist trained in advanced techniques for prenatal, postpartum and fertility bodywork. I include the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage® which is an advanced training in women’s body work. I am a 3rd degree Reiki Master/Teacher. I also have certifications in Prenatal yoga, Mind/ Body fitness, the BOLD Method Childbirth Education and Dancing for Birth™. I have studied a variety of bodywork, energy work and yoga practices for the last 2 decades.

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