Cesareans Can Be A Gentle Experience

There are two hospitals in the metro area that offer a “Family Centered Cesarean.” One is done at AMC with Intown Midwifery and at Dekalb Medical with Brad Bootstaylor with patients of  See Baby Midwifery and with the doctors backing up Intown Midwifery. They do that type of cesarean for any non emergency- keep in mind you hear “emergency cesarean” used often for “non planned cesarean.” A true emergency is very different from a non planned surgical birth. So he provides it for any real non emergency situation and tries to offer it then if possible.  One other group provides a family centered surgical birth but only does so for planned cesareans. That is the physicians who back up the ARMC midwives in Athens.

This approach is shown to “enhancing bonding, initiating breastfeeding and reduces postpartum depression”- isn’t that what we all want?

Here are some video links to this new approach as well as the traditional approach.

A Local Atlanta Family Centered Cesarean   Family Centered Cesarean

This is a modified skin to skin after the birth cesarean- not really a full experience but better than most:

Modified skin to skin cesarean

A unique natural expulsion technique:

Natural Expulsion

Malpositioned baby was born via cesarean:

Malpositioned Cesarean

And for comparison sake- here is a “normal” cesarean:

“Normal” Cesarean

A local cesarean including some of the pre surgery prep:

Kennestone Cesarean Birth

You may be asking yourself, why is this not available elsewhere and why does ARMC require it to be a planned event. ARMC says it takes more staff when Dr Bootstaylor says that it does not take more staff when he does it. Elsewhere I think women are not demanding the opportunity for this type of experience. If you demand it, often the powers within the medical center will listen. Change comes from creating the voice within many. Ask your hospital why they can not follow suit and help women have a good birth experience no matter if it is vaginal or cesarean!