CDC Study Says US Hospitals SUCK for Supporting Breastfeeding

This is a great article that tells it like it is. and this is the study link

Yesterday I got a call from a mom who had had a baby less than 18 hours earlier. Her daughter had been born unmedicated and gently. She was a VBAC baby who weighed 9 pound even. Beautiful baby that within the first hour after birth had nursed beautifully. She then began to have her heel lanced and her blood sugar checked before feeding each time. This is not a little prick- it is a full lance of her foot- making it quite sore I am sure. Her blood sugar was fantastic. But this baby girl cried after nursing often times. She had 12 bowel movements- so obviously it was not because she was not getting enough colostrum to make her bowels move great- and we all know her stomach is the size of a marble irregardless of how big she was! But guess what? Instead of teaching the mom to swaddle or soothe her baby, the nurses convinced her that her baby was hungry and crying because the mom was not producing enough!!! AUGH! It makes me want to SCREAM!!!! So, this article shares what the CDC studies prove- the hospitals sabotage the nursing relationship-

“– (And this one is astounding to me, hence the bold) In nearly 80 percent of hospitals, healthy breastfeeding infants are given formula when it is not medically necessary, a practice that makes it much harder for mothers and babies to learn how to breastfeed and continue breastfeeding at home.”

Baby Bottles

I wonder how much formula she was sent home with! Why can’t we educate those who could really make a difference for moms and babies? I honestly tell people there is not one hospital in our area that I think does an excellent job after the baby is born. There is either some stupid policy about bathing the baby or having to pay for an isolete like a recent hospital I doula’d at… or stupid stuff like this mom went through. ENOUGH! We need to stand up and SCREAM NO! STOP IT! ENOUGH!