NO! Where I would birth and where you find to be the perfect location for a birth may be completely different. I have two daughters- one births in a hospital and one births at home. Those are the right places for them. If I were to give birth today, I would birth at home and use Debbie Pulley.  I have other home birth midwives I absolutely adore as well, but Debbie has been my matriarchal mentor for some time.  If I could not birth at home I would birth at AMC with Intown Midwifery or with the midwives at Providence or Nile at North Fulton. They are by far my favorite hospital  practices in town. Yes, I said it in print. It is how I feel. Do I feel like you should feel the same way as me, NO!  Today I was exploring why I loved this hospital practice the most of hospital based practices.

I like options. Now I am not sure I would use or even need to utlize all the options but I love options. I feel my clients get the most options at AMC with Intown Midwifery or with SeeBaby at Dekalb. North Fulton does not automatically do Family Centered Cesareans like the other two locations and does not allow a VBAC mom to labor and birth in water.

Want to be seen as “normal” when hoping to have a natural birth? √ Want to be allowed to eat and drink in labor ? √ Want to get to know the midwives who will be attending your birth and not have another group that you have never met backing them up? √ Want to be able to use telemetry if you must be continuously monitored? √ Want to be free to take photos of the birth itself? √ Want to be able to labor in a tub? √ Want to be able to birth in the tub? √ Want to be able to delay cord clamping? √ Want to be able to have the baby skin to skin? √ Want to avoid an episiotomy? √ Want to have the option of a breech vaginal birth? √ Want to have the back up doc be an expert- perinatologist? √ Want to be able to get sterile water papules if you have back labor? √ Want to be able to labor in your own clothes and not have to explain yourself? √ Want to be able to not be routinely induced based on the calendar but instead on how your baby and you are doing? √ Want a low cesarean rate- meaning they are only done when absolutely needed? √ Want to be able to keep your baby with you the whole time? √  Want to be able to decline vaginal exams during your pregnancy and have very limited ones in labor? √ Want to be able to move around and walk in labor? √ Want to be able to not have routine IV access or fluids? √ Want to be supported in a VBAC and even birth in the water for a vaginal birth after a previous cesarean? √Want to avoid having pitocin given both in labor and routinely postpartum? √ Now I am sure there are more options I am not even remembering, but that is a ton. (more…)