Sometimes when I remind a mom who is due soon that she should be using the last weeks of her pregnancy for pampering, she thinks this is frivolous behavior. Pampering is a great preparation for birth! Here are the ideas and the benefits to each of these things that I suggest!

Resting, getting more sleep! Our bodies when we are almost due becomes in more need for sleep and rest. So listen to your body! If it says to call in to work for a rest day- do it! If you need an afternoon nap- take it! And although you are feeling the need to finish all of your last minute tasks, don’t! Go to bed early! Why? Fear and fatigue are the main reasons women who did not plan to get medication end up doing so in labor! So deal with your fear- but definitely don’t go to bed late to only wake up in a few hours in full labor and not have had any sleep. So, please listen to your body- your body and baby will appreciate you doing so!

Massage. Circulation improvement, muscle tension relief, round ligaments being softened so that the baby can position themselves beautifully, mind release… need I name more reasons? Really, come on now- if you are one of those folks who does not think they enjoy a good massage, there are different types of massage. Try something different! Watsu is a gentle water massage in a warm pool and is very passive- stretching and swirling and softening tight muscles. Shari Aizenman offer this in the metro area. KMI is my favorite- and everyone knows Harry Kramer is my go to man for keeping my body albe to be at births over and over! I see him once a month! This is a deeper, stretching massage but he caters to what your body is craving. And one of our doulas, Charlotte Scott offers energy body work that is a different approach as well. She has this magnificent table that offers music and rhythm as part of the experience in a unique way. She does more lymphatic massage when working on me and it is wonderful as well.

Chiropractic. I have a few favorite chiropractors. I think you should consider regular chiropractic care during your whole pregnancy- just like regular massages. Why? A well aligned body keeps the baby well aligned. Blood flow and your organs working at peak performance can only enhance your birth body! I think you should choose your chiropractor based on where will you go most- is it close to your work or is it close to your home- or are they open in the evening- whatever it is – make sure they are well versed in good alignment for the best birth body you can go into labor with! I enjoy going to see Leyla Cheveney in Lilburn and Danielle Drobbin in Midtown. But I must confess I need to go more often! Find the chiropractor you love and go!

Acupuncture. I have to say going to my acupuncturist is one of my favorite things to do. I love the environment of his space and his energy is contagious. I always leave feeling energized and whole. So, who does not need to feel energized and whole for labor? Two of my favorites include the gals at Intown Acupuncture but I have to say my acupuncturist is Gurusahay at GRD clinic. But in order to get the most benefit from acupuncture, go early in your pregnancy- don’t wait til you are in your final months! (more…)