Mindful Birthing for WomenMapping your ideal birth. – taught by Charlotte Scott, ncltmb, cld –  brings her experience from 2 decades of leading women’s circles, 7 years of teaching the BOLD Childbirth Empowerment Method to pregnant mamas. A longtime student of Gabrielle Roth and the 5Rhythms she combines a passion for movement with her training in Dancing for Birth™ and her years of mindfulness training to enhance her childbirth preparation for women.

From birth plans to pain coping and labor fears women have lots of thoughts about what they might need for a positive birth experience. The journey of motherhood begins as a desire, a dream or a realization. It might be the most exciting time or the scariest. This is a workshop to navigate these intense times.

Instead of a “birth plan” what about a Birth Map? What does your Map need to guide you through this amazing and intense time? Does it currently have roadblocks or obstacles to you having the birth you are dreaming of? Do you feel like you are unsure of your birth choices? Or perhaps you feel as if you have made all the “right” choices, but wonder what it takes to meet the challenge?

Cost $130

Mindful Birthing – Couples Workshop is 5 hrs of hands on childbirth preparation and partner preparation. Taught by Charlotte Scott, ltmb, cld. Charlotte is a labor doula, licensed body worker, massage therapist and childbirth educator.

This can be taken as a refresher for couples or as an opportunity to deepen partner preparation.

Massage stimulates your body to release endorphin, the natural pain killing, mood lifting chemicals in the body. It reduces stress and restores vitality. Hands on techniques are taught to help your partner relax and move through tension.

Mindfulness applies to every aspect of pregnancy, birth and parenting. Learn useful techniques and supportive measures that will give you and your partner a foundation to create the birth of your dreams and manage the waves of transition as you either begin or expand your family.

  • Navigate healthy birth choices.
  • Birth partner roles and building a birth team.
  • Partner labor massage and relaxation techniques.
  • Hands on support for pregnancy and all stages of labor.
  • Partner support for optimal fetal positioning.

Cost $130 /Couple

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infant massage 1

infant massage 3Infant Massage Introductory Class taught by Charlotte Scott. Learn how to sooth your baby with some basic techniques that you may find invaluable. Come with your baby to have some fun! Better digestion, happier baby, longer sleep and great bonding times!

infant-massage-2Want to come to a fun class with your baby? This is a fabulous time to watch a short video on infant massage- then grab a small blanket and your baby and learn some hands on techniques that will help you bond with your baby more, help the baby with sleep and digestion and even more benefits that you will learn!