Okay I am going to share a birth story of sorts… with anonymity but with permission from the mom.. but with a time line of sorts to show you how a first time mom’s labor went recently… but first let me tell you a few things…

She chose to birth at North Fulton with ISIS midwives.(She drove from Norcross there)
She chose to take Hypnobirthing as her only formal childbirth education.
She chose a doula from our group, although her doula was called out of town on an emergency and she got a back up doula from our group instead. (A rare situation)

Her water broke on it’s own just after midnight on Wednesday morning. She had had an exam on Friday and was 3 cm dilated. Within 30 minutes she was mildly contracting 10 minutes apart. By 2 am they were coming every five minutes but again were still very manageable and mild.

By 5 am although they had slowed some of the time in between but the contractions were now beginning to hurt and had sped up. She was ready to be heading to the hospital soon. (more…)