In our childbirth classes, we challenge parents to research and determine what newborn procedures are the right ones for them. I thought I would share the research that they have done over three previous classes. You will find articles on circumcision, erythromycin, Vitamin K, newborn bath, delayed cord cutting, placenta encapsulation, cord blood storage and PKU. I encourage you to do your own research, but these articles may make a good jumping off point for you. Click on the links below:

January 2012 class

April 2012 class

August 2012 class

 Thanks to my very diligent students who did this great research!

I have another order for rebozos – or actually jias coming in from Laos. I have several moms who have bought one for use in labor and wanted to learn how to use them as a baby carrier also. As with any carrier- the more you do these wraps the more comfortable you are with doing the wrap. Watch these video links for more details on how to use a short rebozo as a baby carrier. How sweet to have used it during your pregnancy and labor and then carry it into using with the new baby!

The rebozos we carry are 9 feet x 26 inches very close to the size you hear referred to as a size 2 wrap.

Slip Knot Hip Carry

Double Hammock Rebozo- with a 2 year old!

 Rear Rebozo Rucksack

And another rear rucksack

A Hip Carry without a knot

Slip Knot Carry

A No Sew Ring Sling and where you can buy rings 

Front Carry with Rebozo

Simple Hip Carry

So, if you want one of the jias that should be arriving in late November, let me know.

The first time I thought: “Uh oh.  What the hell have I done?”

I was embarrassed and ashamed that that even occurred to me.  How could I think such a thing about my innocent, perfect, precious baby?

I soon realized the thought had NOTHING to do with him!  Before I had him, I wasn’t able to imagine I could hold those two opposing views in my head at the same time.

It took a few days for me to fall in love with my baby.  I was not one of those moms who instantly loved her baby, although I knew in an instant I would put his needs above my own. And I would do what it took to care for him.  I would die for him.  The process of falling in love with my baby was like the greatest love affair.  Learning his sounds.  His expressions.  The way his neck smelled was being burned into my brain.  I began to get it how a blindfolded Mama could pick out her newborn by his scent only, in a room full of other newborns.

But I doubted my capacity to be a good Mama.  Whatever the hell that meant.  I was more overwhelmed than I had ever been in my life. Even though I had a nice, stable life.  A husband who made a great living for us, who, when he was home, did diapers and bath time and went on baby-Daddy walks, who learned Harvy Karp’s 5 S’s and used them lovingly every day.  He couldn’t care less if the house was a mess or the laundry was piled up to the ceiling.

As a kid I spent lots of time around babies, babysitting and being a nanny, including running other households, plus my other work as an Early Childhood Music Specialist, I adored babies!  I could just gobble them up!  They always made me so happy!  And I adored my husband and couldn’t wait to have a baby to dote on and pour my love into.

But having an actual baby was not like caring for a doll, as I always thought it would be.  This was an actual person, whose life depended on ME.  Milk from my breasts was what kept it alive.  I was completely unprepared for the enormity of this job, as a parent.  The laundry list of decisions to be made: vaccines, where the baby should sleep, should I keep picking him up?  How do I know he’s getting enough milk?  Is he peeing enough?  Is he normal?  Will I ever ever sleep more than an hour at a time?  How sure am I of this high-touch, responsive parenting thin?  How do I know my baby will one day leave my breasts and my bed and be secure and independent? (more…)

Did you know that chiropractic is the second most commonly used complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for children under 18 in the United States? (In case you were wondering, “nutritional and mineral supplements” was number one.) But we don’t see many ten year olds limping from a bad back or toddlers complaining about chronic neck pain. So why are parents taking their kids to the chiropractor, and what are the results?

In one of the largest studies of its kind, pediatric chiropractors reported that the top three reasons parents seek chiropractic care for their children are: ear, nose, and throat/respiratory conditions,
musculoskeletal complaints, and stomach/digestive issues. Amazingly, 88% of those children showed improvement of their initial complaints!

Many people are curious about how adjustments to the spine might help with common childhood illnesses. Chiropractic care really centers on the nervous system, which consists of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves that run to every organ, gland, and tissue in the body. Chiropractors focus on removing interference from the nervous system (called subluxation) which can happen when the bones of the spine misalign and disrupt the communication link between the brain and body. When the nervous system, which literally controls every function of the body, is working properly, the body can start healing and performing as it was meant to.

But before any parent gets ready to pick up the phone and make an appointment, I’m sure she/he is wondering just how safe chiropractic is for children. The answer is sweet and simple and backed by multiple studies. Chiropractic is extremely safe for children of all ages. Pediatric chiropractors use special tables, special tools, and special gentle techniques all designed for the child in mind, allowing them to treat babies as young as a few hours old.

For anyone interested in learning more about pediatric chiropractic, I would highly recommend the website of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association ( as an abundant source of articles, research, testimonials, or to find a pediatric chiropractor near you.


Barnes PM, Bloom B, Nahin RL. Complementary and alternative medicine use among adults and children: United States, 2007. Natl Health Stat Report. 2008 Dec;(12):1-23.

Alcantara J, Ohm J, Kunz D. Treatment-related aggravations, complications and improvements attributed to chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy of pediatric patients: a practice-based survey of practitioners. Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies. 2010 (Jun).

Miller JE. Safety of chiropractic manual therapy for children: how are we doing? [review]. J Clin Chiropr

Pediatr. 2009 (Dec);10(2): 655-660.

Visit Andrea’s website at

Dr. Andrea Czop D.C.

Dr. Andrea received her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree summa cum laude from Life University in Marietta, Georgia in 2010.  She completed her senior clinical internship at The People’s #1 Hospital in Zigong, China introducing chiropractic care to a variety of patients both young and old. She is an active member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), and is currently working towards a diplomate through the ICPA’s post-graduate education program. Dr. Andrea first discovered chiropractic when she was 19 years old and working as a part-time receptionist in a chiropractic office.  Although she originally intended on going to dental school, she immediately fell in love with the philosophy of chiropractic, and how it is one of the few professions that can treat people safely and effectively without the use of drugs or surgery.

She has an especially strong passion for bringing natural health through chiropractic care to pregnant women, children, and families in her community.


Back in the day…. before the coined phrase Attachment Parenting was even noted, I practiced attachment parenting. What did that look like?

I nursed my babies as they desired for as long as they desired and allowed them to share our bed at night. We loved it! It was easy and having three babies in four years, it helped us all get more sleep!

When my grandkids come over for the night, they have always been welcomed in our bed. We love having little ones snuggled in next to us at night.

I wore my babies. I loved wearing my first but after that it became a necessity to wear  the baby as you may have noticed- I had three babies in four years. I had one walking, one in the stroller and one in the sling. It was the way I could go out and get things done- and I loved it!

One of the thing I miss the most about not having a new grandbaby is not being able to wear that baby when I go out with my daughters. When they get to be big toddlers, since it is not done on a regular basis enough to help my body prepare for it, I can not wear the big toddlers. But I love being at the mall or the park wearing my grand babies!

I taught my children to be peaceful with others… no hitting or biting but using your words instead. I would love to say I never resorted to spanking my kids- but I did rarely. I hated doing it and feel I fell into my old childhood pattern that my parents left me an example of on occasion. But gentle guidance does not mean no discipline. I disciplined my children and they understood what “unacceptable behavior” was without being told they were bad. (more…)

Years ago when I was trying to figure out what the best baby carrier options were, I was introduced to MayaWrap Slings. I ordered one and tested it out and loved it. My denim one is so soft from repetitive washings since it has carried all four of my grandbabies in it over the years. I thought I would share with you the things I like the most about the ring sling.

This is what is said about the slings on their website:

Maya Wrap slings are uniquely versatile, comfortable, stylish, and all you need to simplify your life! The shoulder has a light cushion for comfort and ease, while the rails are unpadded for total adjustability. Fans say it is the perfect first sling for new baby wearers.

  • Wear newborns through toddlers. Recommended for children 8 to 35 pounds.
  • Change positions to accommodate your child’s growth.
  • Built in pocket for keys, diaper, cell phone.
  • Unpadded, open tail that is convenient as a nursing coverup.
  • Instructional DVD included.
  • 100% cotton hand loomed fabrics.
  • Machine wash, cool water; line dry.
  • Fits easily into a diaper bag or tote.














So I thought I would share my thoughts on these features!

I do think it is extremely comfortable. You can fan the fabric out across your back and distribute the weight really well. The pad that is attached to the shoulder only area helps keep the fabric fanned out nicely. Mine does not have this as it is an older style. When they first said they were adding a pad, a lot of folks thought it would be on the railing of the sling- and interfere with some of the wonderful versatility- but it is only under the shoulder.

I like the fact that a newborn can fit nicely in this sling since you can adjust the depth of the pocket easily and yet it can also accommodate a toddler for a nice hip carrier. I think it can even be used as a toddler “leash” of sorts giving a toddler a lot of freedom while being a bit tethered to mom for safety! And in a pinch it can open up and allow a nice blanket or floor covering for an impromptu nap!

I like that you can put a baby into it quickly and adjust it easily. And it can allow different position changes to the baby with ease of changing positions. I like the pocket but I remind moms to not fling it up as a nursing coverup forgetting there are keys in the pocket and conking the baby in the head! I love that it can carry a diaper, a ziplock with a wet wipe and a burp cloth easily for quick trips!

One size can fit the dad and the mom since often times the dad may be bigger but he does not need the nursing tail for coverage! It is soft and can roll up nicely into your diaper bag. It is probably one of the most compact carriers to put in your diaper bag. And it washes up nicely- softens with each washing and although the suggestion is to line dry it- I have dried mine in the dryer often. It is cotton so it is apt to shrink in length a bit when doing so.

And I have told moms it is a great ball carrier for their birth balls when taking their birth balls to the birth center! And I would be remiss to tell you that I have sold a few to pet owners to carry their small dogs!

I love my MayaWrap. I have had mine now for 9 years! I do think it is the best one for fast jaunts although I do think other carriers like an Ergo are great for hiking and day festivals, but the MayaWrap is my go to for every day wear for sure! I can not imagine how a mom with a second child can manage without a sling like the MayaWrap!

I had a dad recently tell me that they planned to keep their son intact, but he was unsure how to take care of their son since he had been circumcised and only knew of that care. I recently received an email from Circumcision Decision Maker folks with a downloadable pamphlet to instruct in this very matter. If you are considering leaving your son’s foreskin alone and allowing him to make a decision later if he chooses to have it removed himself, then this download may be exactly what you are looking for. If you are still divided on whether to leave your son’s foreskin intact, their site may be a good one to gather information from.

Let me say, this is not a balanced view of this decision- it is true though. You may not like their approach as intactivist but this information was important enough to make sure we shared it. I do not want to spark a debate. I personally am in favor of leaving healthy tissue alone and decisions to change a person’s body should be left up to them. I also do not think God made a mistake when he made us. I understand that some people follow a religious covenant and I respect that. I think the studies are showing that most boys today will remain intact. In fact a study I was told about by a friend who is a pediatrician showed that the higher the income, the higher the education- the less likely the boy will be circumcised. BUT I also feel this is your child. Just like other things like attachment parenting like the family bed, long term breastfeeding, wearing a baby in a sling- these are personal issues. Although I do think it is important to remember that just like a cesarean is major surgery- no matter how common place it becomes, circumcision is surgery and does carry risks with it. So, with those disclaimers, visit these links I received today from the NOCIRC folks if you want more information about circumcision and the care and benefits of an intact penis.

NOCIRC has produced a 20-minute educational video about circumcision, narrated by Dean Edell, M.D., which you can view at You have NOCIRC’s permission to download, copy, and distribute this free video for educational purposes.

A Circumcision Resource page has been developed for educators at Here you will find videos, articles, and pamphlets that discuss various aspects of the circumcision decision, as well as care of the intact child. Included is “The Prepuce,” a video produced by George Denniston, M.D., that discusses in detail the anatomy and functions of the foreskin.

One of the very best video clips that shows how circumcision changes the penis is this clip The purpose of the foreskin

A “New York Times” article reported that the U.S. circumcision rate has fallen from 56% in 2006 to 32.5% in 2009, according to the CDC. See

A growing number of men who wish they had been left intact (not circumcised) are benefitting from non-surgical foreskin restoration. You can learn more about this at

Men when they turn 18 have the legal right to sue the doctor and hospital that circumcised them unnecessarily as infants. One man has already done that and received a financial settlement. See (more…)

Have you noticed how much stuff you seem to accumulate when you have a new baby? If you are not careful, the whole house seems to turn into baby central. We had a method that worked in our home. There was a basket for toys in the living room. As the toddlers started to bring toys into the living room, we negotiated only ten toys in the basket. So, they had to trade out a toy to being a toy. We had our first child be one who needed everything in order in her room. And we found three six foot long shelves that started at about a foot off the floor and the highest only being about 2.5 feet from the floor served us well. She would organize her shelves almost daily. One day it was by color, the next by category, the next by size… it was interesting to watch! She preferred to do it herself without any assistance. It is any wonder that that daughter now is an organizer by profession?

Yep, my oldest daughter has now moved into doing professionally that which she started doing when she was a toddler- organizing!Check out Julie Moon’s site . She is also a photographer where she has quite the eye for capturing the unique. But I feel this venture into her calling from the time she was a toddler is certainly the one that has been there from the beginning!

So, don’t let the house and having a baby zap you into disorganization! I do believe that babies are babies for only a short time and you need to focus on them. But when you see things getting out of control, consider checking into an organizer. Julie works in the Athens area. And I have a friend and past doula client, Amanda Martin owns a company where she offers this service in the Gwinnett and surrounding areas.

One thing I would say when there are small children- Less Is Best when it comes to stuff!

There are tons of places to buy baby products from these days. Some folks find shopping online is a great way to shop and others like seeing and touching a product beforehand. Some go to the big box stores and see an item and then go home and shop online. Many of us have smart phones where you can scan the bar code and find the best prices in the area and online.

I like buying as much as I can from the cottage industry. Perhaps it is because my husband owns a small printing and business services store. The mom and pop stores are fading from our communities.  The big box stores are full of many items- many that you will never need. And online stores are popping up everywhere. There are several online stores that are mom and pop stores of sorts as well. The catalog stores have almost all gone on line these days as well.

In our online and retail store we sell several items- and it is difficult to sometimes keep our inventory updated properly on our store site. But we carry Maya Wrap Slings, Happy Heiny One Size diapers, Maxisafe phthalate free birth balls and more.