Be Careful, Your Body is Listening

We teach several things in our classes regarding voice. But sometimes it is not the spoken that will derail you, but the heard and unspoken. 


I ask couples to hold their hand up in a stop sign and repeat after me, “My childbirth educator said that if what you are about to say is not positive and affirming, I can not listen to it.” It keeps all those naysayers shut up. In fact if you have naysayers around you, I would shake them loose now. They are definitely not the ones you want to discuss your birth plans with or invite to be with you in your labor.

We teach women to create a mantra that will guide them in their pregnancy, labor and birth. It is best if the mantra is simple and perhaps can fit rhythm wise to your fingers. It needs to come from your soul. It needs to be a phrase that will guide you. For me, my mantra has been, “The warrior within me emerges and she knows just what to do.” It has been my guide for over a decade.

We encourage women to create a vision and within that vision to think of words each day that exemplify that vision. These affirming words help to plant a deep seed within her. These affirmations will speak to her mind and body. Those seeds will flourish and produce a lot of strength in labor and birth. The women who focus the time on these affirmations will be amazed at how these words form a song within them during the hard parts of labor.

This week I sat with a couple who had a long labor and birth. It began with her water breaking and after twelve hours she had to come into the hospital due to her GBS status. She was slowly induced over the night. And then she had a full day or work ahead of her before getting an epidural in the last few hours before she birthed with the help of a vacuum. She and her partner used the word traumatic to describe their births to others. The mom was also counting all of the hours from when her water broke as her labor length. It was like a fish story, it kept getting more traumatic the more she added to it. When we sat and talked about her labor and she saw the actual timeline of her labor, her feelings softened a bit.  She wants more children and wanted to begin her preparation mentally and emotionally to make that happen.

What we hear, listening to the naysayers… when we do not address our deepest dreams daily and tell our body what we want… when we fill our minds with negative fears instead of positive affirmations… and when we allow our words to grow bigger like a fish story, we set ourselves up for even more baggage at our next birth. Be careful, your body is listening.

When we say something over and over in our minds and even with our voices, our body begins to believe it. It begins to take it on as truth and fully embrace the words as truth. Be careful what you are telling your body and mind. Tell it what you want it to do and become- it is listening. I find that women who prepare their mind for labor and birth in a positive way, often find that positiveness carries them through many a storm if it arises.