Brianna Henderson


Certified Labor Doula

“Birth may bring you face-to-face with your insecurities, doubts, inadequacies and fears, as well as your joy, determination, willingness and courage.” 

– The Pink Kit

Growing up with a love of children, I developed a nurturing spirit and realised a desire to be a helping hand and a caregiver to those in need. When I discovered the role of a doula, I found a way to work in what I believe I am called to do.

Being a supporter and someone to hold space for a laboring person in their moments of complete vulnerability and in their moments of absolute triumph is something that I take great joy in. It is an honor to empower, educate, and provide physical and emotional assistance to them and their birth partners during their labor and delivery journey and to help them have the best birth experience possible.

I am a Certified Doula with DONA international, and I would love the opportunity to be of service to you and your family as your doula!

Brianna’s fee is $1300

She is available for due dates in January 2023 and beyond.

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