Wisdom for Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding Couple Class, taught by Renee Wymer is to prepare you prior to the birth of your baby in understanding the whys, hows and whens to breastfeeding to insure success.

This is a unique class with new approaches to learning positions and latching techniques. Studies indicate that taking a prenatal breastfeeding class was the best way to avoid problems with breastfeeding. We feel the support of the partner by learning techniques to support the new mom is essential.

Jorde January 2011

We cover the “whys”, “how tos”, “when” and “whats” that go with breastfeeding. A must class for anyone considering breastfeeding whether for a few weeks or longer… working or staying home… come pregnant but open to new parents as well.

This is not a lecture only class- we offer video- hands-on practice with dolls for positioning and lots of interactive discussion. You will receive a link of handouts to take home to help. If you have any problems after the baby comes, we offer three months of FREE on-call support for any couples who attended this class.

Evidence-based studies showed the number one thing that helped diminish nipple trauma in new moms was prenatal education on the proper latch! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

This class is taught in Roswell, GA.   View the class schedule on our CALENDAR

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