BOLD Wisdom for Birth

Teresa Howard and Charlotte Scott teach a comprehensive series that includes a Women’s Weekend and a Couples’ Weekend.

Although we recommend taking the complete series, each Wisdom Birth Circle can be taken independently as an adjunct to another childbirth preparation class.

The Wisdom for Birth Circle +  The Wisdom for Birth Couples’ Workshop

bold method certifiedCharlotte and Teresa

We offer what you need to learn to prepare to birth and become new parents

  • You learn how your experiences prior to birth can affect your experience which includes what you believe to be true, what you have heard that you wonder is true.
  • What you need to know to ask questions to get your full range of options for your birth. If you do not ask you can not receive- but if you do not know what to ask for you will not know what is possible.
  • We go through several scenarios to help you determine what would be the choices you would make in those situations.
  • We discuss positioning and movement for helping your pregnancy, labor and birth be easier- and we practice those positions.
  • We help you engage your intuitive thinking so that in labor, you can listen to your body and understand how to do that in labor and even in parenting.
  • We help you find your heartfelt desires for your birth and then give you practical ways to help your vision become reality.
  • You leave pain coping skills as well as home exercises to prepare you emotionally and physically for your labor.
  • By the end of the weekend you will leave understanding how your body and mind together affect your labor and birth.
  • You will have tools to take home as well as a daily routine to use for more practice in releasing your fears and finding your power.
  • As couples you learn how to work together to make a cohesive team.
  • We limit the size of the class to offer intimacy & time for sharing.

If you are thinking this is going to be too touchy feely for you, think again. Did you know most childbirth authorities agree that a huge part of the birth process is in your head?  If you try to stay in the intellectual & analytical side of birth, you most likely will get stuck. It is about getting in touch with your mind & body that helps the most! What is standing in the way of you achieving the birth you desire? Do you want to know how to find the key? This class could be the very thing that you need to find that key. We explore the voice, body & action to help you create the vision for your birth & make a plan to achieve it!  Do you want to turn your fears into freedom? Do you believe YOUR BODY ROCKS?! Let us know if you are ready to learn to ROCK YOUR BIRTH with us!

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We hope the women’s weekend will be taken as early as possible- although it is helpful in any time of pregnancy- & the couple’s workshop will follow later in the pregnancy if you choose. 

We try to offer each of these types of classes every other month. Please check our calendar for the upcoming classes and don’t hesitate to register early as these classes fill quickly. Teresa will send you a class agreement via email for you to see costs of the classes and register. We also offer private classes and a more traditional type couple class offering for those who are need of this