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Doing the Next Best Thing

If you are making an informed decision, and are choosing your next approach based on what is the next best thing to do in our situation, then you are making a decision in awareness and thus birthing in awareness.Each birth is different and you have not idea what may be truly needed in that particular…
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Fear & Fatigue

The Two Big Factors in Labor and Birth   As a labor doula there are two factors that I think make the most difference in labors. The first one is fear. Pam England says that the work of pregnancy is worry. We need to get all our fears out on the table and address them…
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Bishop Scores… and warning about Cytotec

The Bishop Score is a method to help determine how favorable your body is for an induction. The less favorable, the more likely your induction will fail and thus lead to a cesarean birth. The more favorable your score is the more likely your induction will lead to a vaginal outcome. There are several reasons…
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Do I Need a Doula if I Plan to get an Epidural?

Sometimes women think if they are considering an epidural they don’t need a doula. As doulas it is not about us and what type of birth we want. Or what kind of birth we had personally. We are there to support women and help them to make informed decisions that are right for them as…
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Benefit of labor- even for planned cesareans

Babies born by cesarean section before labor are more likely to have breathing problems and to need special care in the early days of life,compared to babies born after labor. Sometimes the obstetrician thinks the baby is older than he or she actually is, perhaps even ignoring the mother’s opinion of when she conceived. Other…
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The Value of Labor Support

Having a doula be with a mom in labor has many values. The initial value, if you are able to do so prior to the labor, begins during pregnancy with a relationship building that will encourage the mom’s ability to relax with the doulas help based on a relationship of trust that has been built…
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What influenced the way you have raised your children the most?

This is an article I wrote in 1997 When I give thought to this question, beyond the religious influences that have had a great deal of impact on my family, I believe it is the influence that La Leche League had on me. I became pregnant at the age of 19, just after I was…
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Only a nursling for a short while

I am amazed at the pressure women still feel today regarding nursing an older child. Twenty years ago it was a very hush hush thing, but somehow I thought with more time passing, it would become something that was considered more the norm. I wish people would view the breast as a natural element of…
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Sleeping Alone

The reason why we tucked a little baby into the bed with us… the motives were purely selfish. I was 20 years old and mothering was a completely new horizon for me. I had not babysat very much and I was the baby in my family. experience was certainly lacking! This new baby in the…
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Benefits, rewards and challenges of experiencing the physical process of birth

Here are excerpts from the speech that Teresa gave at the La Leche League Annual Conference 2001 in Atlanta, GA Labor of Love A loving look at the benefits, rewards and challenges of experiencing the physical process of birth. “The view of labour pain as an affliction seems most prevalent among western women. In many…
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