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Does one bottle make a real difference?

Marsha, a nurse and international certified lactation consultant wrote the following article and I wanted to share it- the italics are mine. At many hospitals they will suggest and perhaps even almost demand that you offer your baby formula. This is probably a great article to print off and take with you to your labor….
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Breastfeeding and offering a bottle…

A while ago I saw a mom and baby who had begun to add several bottles of breast milk bottles to the daily schedule. She was readying to return to work and wanted to also allow the father time to bond with the baby during feedings. The baby would fuss at the breast expecting to…
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BREECH Options and Information

…got an email today from a client saying she would not need the doula she hired after all. Seems her baby is breech and so her doctor has told her she needs to have a cesarean birth. Hmmm… her doctor made this decision when she is only 36 weeks pregnant. I do not know if…
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Doula Descriptions

What does Doula mean? The most favored female slave in the Greek household of yesteryear. A servant to meet your needs and your partner’s in labor and birth and the time just after the birth. Who is a Doula? A companion who knows the road you are about to travel in pregnancy, labor, birth and…
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Woman Affecting Change In Birth

The 60’s and 70’s birth experience for a woman was going to the hospital, separated from her partner, laboring virtually alone and medicated. Times gave way to a surge of women seeking an unmedicated birth. But the 90’s brought the epidural epidemic, climbing to 80% or even upwards of 90% of Atlanta women giving birth…
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Using Your Brain

When making a decision, we need to ask the right questions so that we can see our options clearly. This is a little acronym to remind you to use your brain when making decisions. It is useful in labor, but can be used for making all kinds of decisions along life’s journey! Benefits– what are…
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What Are Some Important Things To Know Before the Birth of Your Baby?

So, you have taken childbirth classes, read a ton of books and now you think you are ready for the birth of your baby. Well, let me share some things you need to know before you give birth. I share these things because recently I have encounted clients who have realized some difficulties that could…
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When Should Your Doula Arrive In Your Labor?

A doula is a professional birth guide. Her role is one of non-intervention and non-clinical in nature. She gently guides through her words, suggestions, and knowledge of birth to assist a couple in having a birth that is in line with their birth desires. Many doulas will come to your home in labor to assist…
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Due Dates How accurate is your Due Date?

How are due dates calculated?   In the 1850’s, a Dr. Naegele determined the average length of human gestation was 266 days from conception, or 280 days (40 weeks) from last menstrual period. He assumed that the average woman had cycles that lasted 28 days and that she ovulated on Day 14 of her cycle….
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Let Labor Happen

The increase in cesareans today is linked to the increase in inductions. but there is certainly a seduction to induction today. The reason for inductions being so prevalent today is multifaceted. There are reasons to medically induce a labor. The signs of preeclampsia is one reason. There are some conditions that make the pregnancy threatening…
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