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Crisis Initiates Growth…Choosing a Care Provider

“Sometimes it takes crisis to initiate growth.” Rachel Naomi Remen I have had several moms lately who had births with care providers that they needed to fight with in the last weeks in order to even get a semblance of the birth they desired. When they sat down at the postpartum they discussed moving to…
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Birth by Numbers

I saw this guy speak at the ICAN conference this past weekend- his statistics were amazing. Go here to watch a great video that tells the truth about what is really happening in our birth health care in America. In Birth by the Numbers, Eugene R. Declercq, PhD, Professor of Maternal and Child Health, Boston…
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Are You Doing Your Kegels?

At the ICAN conference this past weekend, we had the pleasure of meeting the Kegel Queen. She has a wonderful book out on how to make sure you are doing your kegel exercises the right way and the benefits of doing so. She interviewed us and put her video up on the site. It is…
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Evidence Based Medicine

Often a client or student comes to me with a question. Seems their doctor or midwife does things differently than their friend’s midwife or doctor. Or they hear about what one hospital allows and what others say is outside of their policy. I believe in practicing evidenced based medicine. That means what do the actual…
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Nuchal Cords

“Nuchal Cord: A nuchal cord is an umbilical cord that is wrapped around the fetus’s neck. A nuchal cord occurs in about one fourth of deliveries. Normally, the baby is not harmed. Before birth, a nuchal cord can sometimes be detected by ultrasonography, but no action is required. Doctors routinely check for it as they…
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12 Secrets for A Gentle Birth

This is a collaborative effort on our group’s part regarding what we felt were the most important secrets to a gentle birth. Courage- Amy Trust – Kim Confidence- Teresa Surrender – Pam Vulnerability – Alicia Relaxation- Jennifer Love – Renee Laughter – Persis Movement- Guina Focus – Tracey Preparation – Melanie Comfort- Patti Comfort When…
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What does the Law say about Breastfeeding in Public?

Many of you have heard me teach about how the law protects breastfeeding moms and babies in the state of Georgia. Some of my recent students asked me about where they could find the law. The suggestion was made that you make a sign with the law – perhaps laminate it and carry it in…
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Newborn Procedures

There are several things that will happen once the baby is born when you are at a hospital- several of these things are not done routinely at a home birth. A great resource for looking at evidence based medicine is herewww.update-software.com/publications/cochrane/ I will offer some things for you to consider in making the choice that…
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Podcast with Teresa

Brenda at South GA Birth Services has a blog and offers podcasts of different birth related subjects. She recently interviewed me and has the podcast up for you to listen to if you are so inclined. It is about being a doula- becoming a doula and what a doula does. http://bellycaster.blogspot.com/ Hope you enjoy it!…
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Midwives and Doulas

I received a call yesterday from a first time mom who had hired a midwifery group for her birth. There had been several changes during her pregnancy in the practice and she had begun to question if she needed to stay or find a new practice. I assured her that it is more than just…
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