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New Educational Tools

A great new resource! Childbirth Preparation videos This is a collaboration by InJoy Birth & Parenting Videos in partnership with Lamaze International and brings the Six Lamaze Healthy Birth Practices to life. Check them out!

Lee’s Letter About Teresa

Teresa was an invaluable resource during our birth experience!Although this was our first birth and we have never known anythingdifferent, we would never think to do anything differently from hereon out. First time parents-to-be NEED to have a doula present fortheir birth experience. If you are first time parents-to-be, you NEEDto, no matter how much…
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Sawyer Hawk Lloyd’s birth

Born in the water at 7:37 am 7 lbs, 8 oz 19.5 inches Well, I was going to bed on Sunday night at 40 weeks and one day overdue, and Shane and I joked about the full moon that was high in the sky that night! I woke up at 3:15 am thinking that i…
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Melody Gives Birth to Abigail

Melody did not sleep well on 6/1. She had contractions off and on once she awakened but she knew it was early. She went for a walk with Luna and the contractions intensified and then diminished. She went on a second walk with Sherwin and Luna and the intensity returned and stayed strong. At 4:30pm…
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Dena shared on doulamatch.net

Thanks Dena- great recommendation for Jennifer Fargar! “Jennifer was my post-partum doula for several weeks after my daughter Jenna was born in February 2009. She was an excellent help during a very tiring, stressful time. She was so warm and calming and really helped me relax during those initial tiring weeks. One of the things…
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Breastfeeding Online Video

Jack Newman is one of the best supporters of breastfeeding! I have had the opportunity to hear him speak several times and love the fact that he has a great online video to help those who forget what they may have learned in a class or heaven forbid did not attend a class prior to…
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FREE Online Book Worth the READ!

A free online book that is based on evidence practices is online and ready for you to take more than a glance at… download it or bookmark it and read it for information that is based on actual truth- the studies have proved it to be so! A Guide to Effective Care in Pregnancy and…
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Can You Afford To NOT HIRE A Doula?

Recently I gathered some information regarding the costs of an intervention filled birth and received this, “my epidural was $1500 and when it turned c/s there was an additional $600 bill for the anesthesiologist who was present during surgery. between the c/s (which there were bills from 2 different surgeons on top of my $3000…
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Do You Doula?

The person who filmed and edited this film sent me this link Do You Doula? the video I thought I would share it. Although I am always a bit concerned with doulas who feel the need to “save” other women due to their birth experience… I do think that can be the initiating impetus that…
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We Are The Only Mammals Who Do It This Way…

Have you considered not cutting the cord of the baby to the placenta later? It is not common practice to wait… but this video may teach you something about what could be more gentle- what could be more helpful- what could be less traumatic… a great source of blood volume and oxygen… view this and…
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