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Watch the Language Around You!

Imagine you are driving down a road- it is not clear where you are going. The weather outside is beginning to be unpredictable. You turn on the radio and the commentator keeps saying he does not think the road is open ahead. In fact he says multiple times you may be able to drive down…
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Metamorphisis of a Mother

I recently talked to a new mom. She was having her baby blues moments and felt a bit lost. She said she felt she had lost herself – the woman she had been for three decades of her life was now gone- she was a mother. Her identity as her old self she felt was…
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Informed: Not Bamboozled

I was thinking about the role of a doula today. Sometimes folks say they want a doula to “protect” them or “intervene on their behalf” or “advocate” for them or “play interference with the staff”. I am not sure that is the real role a doula needs to have at a birth. Ideally you have…
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Active Labor?

This is a curious phrase.. Active Labor… When you ask moms when their labors started it is funny when they think they were in active labor. Some think it is when their water broke although it was not accompanied by contractions. Others think it was when they felt the first contraction- but others would say…
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CIMS posting of Cesarean Guidelines

NEW from CIMS! “The Risks of Cesarean Section” and “A Checklist for Expectant Mothers”CIMS’ newest fact sheet was released on Feb. 26 at the 2010 CIMS Forum CIMS proudly announces the availability of a recently updated fact sheet “The Risks of Cesarean Section,” (PDF) which also includes “About the Risks of Cesarean Section: A Checklist…
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Atlanta Parent Magazine Editorial

In the March 2010 Atlanta Parent Magazine there was an article entitled “Mom to Mom: The Practical Side of Breastfeeding” by Kimberly Kennedy. I have no idea who she is and what her credentials are as the article does not say. But I was sooooo disappointed in the article. I thought I would share my…
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Tips to Avoid Induction

Tips for Clients (Ana Hill’s CAPPA training topic) No complaining about normal discomforts to your care provider- complain to your doula or your friends- but the care provider often feels the need to “fix” it for you with an induction. Adjusting your expectations about your due date- first time moms are usually pregnant for 41…
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2 Wonderful Breastfeeding Videos

The studies show hands down that the best way to avoid nipple trauma is a class BEFORE you have your baby. So, please consider a great class to help you avoid problems. But here are two videos that may assist you if you have any problems. Maximizing Milk Production Hand Expression of Breastmilk And if…
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poems for labor

In the midst of the chaos When the wind is howling I hear the ancient song Of the ones who went before And know that peace will come -Susan Stauter May the sun bring you new energy by day, May the moon softly restore you by night, May the rain wash away your worries, May…
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What Makes Women Warriors?

According to Wikipedia “A warrior is a person experienced in or capable of engaging in combat or warfare, especially within the context of a tribal or clan-based society that recognizes a separate warrior class. According to the Random House Dictionary, the term warrior has two meanings. The first literal use refers to “a man engaged…
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