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Info on hiring us!

“I am interested in hiring a labor doula. What do you need to know and what do I need to do next?” First, you have made a great decision regarding including a labor doula at your birth. The studies show : ¨ tends to result in shorter labors with fewer complications ¨ reduces negative feelings…
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Amanda Shares Her Birth Story

I’d like to preface this story with a note about contractions.  My body is extremely sensitive.  I feel Mittleschmerz when I ovulate, and I start feeling Braxton-Hicks contractions starting around 16 weeks into pregnancy.  I get lots of those practice contractions as I get further along, culminating in about 6 an hour starting around 34…
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Dancing for Birth Classes

I just took my training to become a Dancing for Birth instructor. Not only is this a great prenatal class but it also a great postpartum class. It starts off with a circle time of affirmations for birth and mothering. It is far more than just an exercise class for your body. It also embraces…
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2nd time Mom shares her thoughts about Teresa

Recently I received an email from a recent client who had a wonderful natural birth at Northside. She used a midwifery group there. This was her second baby. She birthed very quickly- having only been in labor for 3 hours when she gave birth. She was only at the hospital for less than an hour…
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Home Birth Couple Loved Their Classes!

I had a couple recently who gave birth to their first child at home. They came to me for private classes due to so many scheduling conflicts with joining our regular series (we do have home birth students in our regular classes often.). This is the letter from them that they sent the day after…
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A Mom Births Again, Shares Her Recommendation of Teresa

“I’ve been trying to find a minute to write to thank you, really thank you. I think that one of the most challenging parts of this birth (maybe THE most challenging part) was preparing for it mentally and spiritually.  The labor of love orientation was the second doula group we visited looking for a doula.  On our…
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A recommendation letter from a nurse!

I have had the privilege to work with a wonderful nurse at AMC- Atlanta Medical Center. Although I have edited out parts that have information not relative to this recommendation, I have been given permission to share a bit of her letter with you here. Often folks ask how nurses feel about working with doulas….
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Vaccine Friendly Docs in Your Area

Did you know you could go to Dr Sear’s website and there is a link to information about vaccines- schedules that may be more baby friendly and also a link to a page of pediatricians who will respect alternative schedules? Click Vaccine_Friendly_Doctors to find a care provider in your area!

Conscious Breathing

Holistic NYC Doula has a wonderful blog! We teach breath awareness in our childbirth classes. I think this video clip is a good one for understanding how breath enters into a relaxed preparation for birth. conscious breathing-quick-easy-intro-to-yogic-breathing Please consider that the he hes and he hahs of yesteryear breathing techniques work for some since it…
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