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A New Video by DONA on Doulas!

DONA has created a new video regarding doulas. If you are curious about the role of a doula and a bit about her scope of practice if she is DONA certified, this video will help to enlighten you! Enjoy! Doula Video

Overcoming Obstacles… Actually Obliterating Them!

We have a client who was trapped by her insurance to not be able to seek the midwifery supported model of care and the water birth she had found was possible. She was working to try to make it happen when she went into labor two and a half weeks early. Then not only was…
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Another Dot to Dot

One of my doulas recently had this birth experience. Ironically with the same group of midwives as mine but at a different hospital. Let’s read about the dots she made sure she followed. Labor began in the early hours of day one. She calls this the start of labor because she could no longer sleep…
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Dot to Dot… Don’t Skip One

Recently after a birth, I was very sad and very happy at the same time. I had a client who did everything right. She prepared for her birth by taking great classes with Pam. She read the right books and considered all of her options for her birth. Her partner was fully supportive as well…
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Evidence Based Medicine Re: Your Membranes Releasing Prior to Labor Beginning

What does this mean?  The internet offers these definitions: Definitions of Evidence-based medicine on the Web: Evidence-based medicine (EBM) aims to apply the best available evidence gained from the scientific method to medical decision making. It seeks to assess the quality of evidence of the risks and benefits of treatments (including lack of treatment). en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evidence-based_medicine Heath…
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Today I was adding the numbers of births each labor doula in our group has done over the years. These were births where they offered labor support. And within our group I was totally amazed to figure out that we have more than 1000 births of experience. Experience is not the only reason to hire a…
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Where Do You Get Your Breastfeeding Advice From?

I wrote a review of this study a year ago: Pediatricians Are Not A Good Resource for Breastfeeding Advice and Supportand shows how most pediatricians do more to sabotage than to support the breastfeeding relationship between mothers and their babies. Today I want to share another resource you may find helpful. Today I got an…
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The Holistic Stages of Labor

This is a wonderful article that helps a woman and her care providers understand her labor better than the medical model of the stages of labor. I think if you can embrace this information, you will find yourself learning how to listen well to your body and as a provider learn to watch a woman…
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Steady, Steady, Hold, HOLD!

Sunday at church Steve Gooch was preaching. He was talking about “re-uping” to the initial pledge we made to God. He shared a scene from Braveheart after Mel Gibson had completed his freedom speech and how he led the charge to battle. It is quite timely as I had just completed the last class of…
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Jaundice and the Newborn

Folks come to me all the time talking about their baby being separated from them to go under bilirubin lights. Occasionally someone insists on bringing their baby home and they use light therapy there or even use the bilirubin blanket. I wanted to share what is actually the issue with bilirubin levels in an infant and some…
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