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Why Don’t We Allow Ourselves To Dream Big?

Often times when I ask a mom what would make her birth ideal, she hesitates to answer me. I just read a prenatal form that is so like many others. She wrote, “I’m almost hesitant to answer this question and may gracefully back out of doing so at the risk of being disappointed if my…
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Who Will Play the Roles At Your Labor

Often couples are confused by the roles the different players will have in their labors. I thought I would offer some descriptive words of who does what in the usual labor. Some roles may overlap and others will not. I am sure there are responsibilities I may miss. Some nurses and midwives, when able to,…
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Quite a Journey

I wanted to share a bit of a story of  a woman’s journey in labor and birth to help you see things from a perspective that is not the norm in our area. A highly interventive hospital does not mean lots of interventions if you make some other choices that help avoid just that! This…
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100 Ways To Help Achieve A Natural Birth

100 Ways To Help  Achieve A Natural Birth   Decisions in your early pregnancy: Choose a care provider that supports and believes in natural birth. Ask when you are considered “late.” Their induction rate will tell you a lot! Interview your care provider prior to confirming as their patient. Ask for statistics of moms who…
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Midwives: What is the Difference Between Them?

There are basically three kinds of training for midwifery; CPMs, CNMs and DEMs.  Although there are a few others designated. The midwives training is different as well as their licenses. I thought for clarity sake I would share them with you. Although the restrictions of the type of care they can provide varies from state to…
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Guest Blogger: Reid Forrester of A Natural Path

  Maya Abdominal Therapy and Yoga: Time-tested Tools for Getting the Body “In Tune” for Birth You spent your life dreaming of the birth of your child.   You imagined that moment, after your hard laboring, when your child journeys from your body into your arms, as a moment filled with light and love, one of…
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My Compliments to Dr Robbins

I was delighted to work with Dr. Richard Robbins at my last birth. He knew this mom wanted a natural, lesser intervened birth. Her water broke and she waited several hours to go to the hospital. I arrived a few hours after she was there, not yet in labor. The Pitocin was started and I…
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Technology in New Ways

I remember years ago when I still carried a pager, listening to the occasional  cell phone ring in a restaurant and thinking, “why does someone need to be accessible all the time?” I thought it was rude and annoying. I even made a comment about how special that person must be to need to take a call…
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Conferences and Classes- How Do You Learn?

In this information age every thing is becoming easier to do things virtually, I wanted to make Massaman Curry Chicken. I searched for recipes on line and even found a you tube of someone cooking and giving instructions. This was great! It would have been better if I could have gone to a quick cooking…
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Can 6 Days Really Make A Difference?

I have a client who had an initial early ultrasound and based on that test and her last menstrual period, giving her a due date of the 26th. When she had a second ultrasound a couple of months later, the technician said that the baby was measuring a week older due to length. So, the…
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